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BLACKROLL® - Twister

BLACKROLL® - Twister

BLACKROLL® - Twister

  • BLACKROLL® - Twister
  • BLACKROLL Twister
  • BLACKROLL Twister
  • BLACKROLL Twister
  • BLACKROLL Twister
  • BLACKROLL Twister
  • BLACKROLL® TWISTER - Combination of pressure and twisting
Blackroll Twister
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  • The revolutionary method of stimulating trigger points and connective tissue
  • The combination of pressure and rotation with the BLACKROLL® Twister releases fascial adhesions

The BLACKROLL® Twister is your new secret weapon in fascial training, adding a new training tool to our line of foam rollers for the effective treatment of fascial adhesions. The Twister is relatively small and easy to transport, so it can be with you every day. Its effects on fascial treatment, however, are immense. The special knobby surface of the Twister and its ergonomically precise convex shape make the novel, point-by-point stimulation of the tissue and fascial adhesion possible.


In contrast with earlier products, the BLACKROLL® Twister doesn't just work under the pressure of your own body weight, but instead, thanks to its ergonomically precise convex shape and the special knobby surface, can be used for the point-by-point stimulation of different parts of the body. To do this, simply place the Twister on the location on the body to be treated. The knobs on the surface grip the skin and maximize the blood circulation of the tissue. This permits the targeted stimulation of trigger points and deep perfusion of the fascial tissue. The Twister is recommended both for professional therapeutic use and for myofascial applications performed at home. The BLACKROLL® Twister is also perfect for the treatment of tennis elbow, neck pain, and runner's knee.

7cm x 5cm, 17g.

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BLACKROLL® TWISTER - Combination of pressure and twisting

The BLACKROLL® TWISTER is the new secret weapon from BLACKROLL®.

The TWISTER is equally recommended for professional therapeutic use as well as for self-administered myofascial use.

The special dimpled surface and the ergonomically precise curvature allow for a novel punctual stimulation.

The Twister not only works on body weight but also allows the combination of pressure and rotation (Compress & Twist): Thus, the circulation is maximally increased, trigger tapes and trigger points stimulated and rewet the fascia tissue.

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