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ToroPro Kinesiology Tape 10cm X 5m

ToroPro Kinesiology Tape 10cm X 5m

ToroPro Kinesiology Tape 10cm X 5m

  • ToroPro Kinesiology Tape 10cm X 5m
  • ToroPro 10cm Blue
  • ToroPro 10cm Red
Beige 10cm x 5m
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Black 10cm x 5m
£26.00 inc. VAT
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Blue 10cm x 5m
£26.00 inc. VAT
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Red 10cm x 5m
£26.00 inc. VAT
In Stock

Kinesiology tape and the therapeutic taping method is designed to help treat discomfort and disability from a variety of athletic injuries. TOROPRO is a kinesiology tape like no other in the market. Unlike its competitors, TOROPRO is made from an entirely synthetic material, which gives it a stronger elasticity than cotton kinesiology tape. The extra sticky, hypoallergenic and latex free adhesive dries twice as quickly than other leading brands, and is waterproof and sweat resistant, ideal to help you remain active after injury. Using TOROPRO can provide pain relief and reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as enhancing strength in weak muscles.

Give TOROPRO a try today.

  • Prevents and/or relieves spasms and cramping
  • Speeds up the recovery of over-active muscles
  • Provides support without restricting range of motion
  • Only holds around 10% of its bodyweight of water compared to 25% in cotton tapes
  • Resembles the thickness and weight of skin, making it extremely comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Durable and abrasion resistant

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