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Intelect Combo Unit

Intelect Mobile Combo Unit
£1,710.00 inc. VAT
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  • Dual Frequency 1 and 3 MHz Ultrasound combined with 2/4 Pole Interferential and 12 other current forms.
  • Pulsed and continuous ultrasound therapy operation (10%, 20%, 50% & 100%).
  • Variable duty cycle outputs of 16 Hz, 48 Hz, or 100 Hz for ultrasound.
  • Clinical Indications on board, providing the most appropriate parameter set for a variety of conditions.
  • 15 user-defined memory positions.
  • Lightweight design, innovative design allows for cart, table top, wall or mobile use.
  • New backlit LCD display for better visibility in low light settings.
  • Improved pq button for easier navigation.
  • Newly redesigned ultrasound heads for improved ERA during treatment.
  • Comes standard with an ergonomically designed 5cm² Ultrasound Applicator Head.
  • All sound heads are interchangeable due to Electronic Signature™ residing on all applicators.
  • Head warming feature and head contact control with visual and auditory feedback on all sound heads.
  • Supplied fully equipped with 5cm² Applicator head, Rubber electrode 6 x 8cm (1 pack), Electrode Sponge 6 x 8cm (1 pack) and Nylatex Wrap.
  • Applicator heads also available in a variety of other sizes (1cm², 2cm² and 10cm²)
  • Optional battery pack and carry bag available.
  • 3 year warranty on ultrasound unit. 1 year warranty on ultrasound head and accessories.

Customer Reviews for Intelect Combo Unit

Intelect Combo Unit

Its amazing, but I was unable to really use it initially because I had no training and the knowledge base from the clinics was non existent or closely guarded and unavailable. Then, one day I stumbled on to some very detailed instruction from an advanced healing clinic. I was able to eliminate some very large significant (as in massive) bone spurs in my elbow. Neither I nor science it seems has a any verified means of determining whether a bone spur has been removed (even with arthroscopic surgery this is true). I believe the mechanical action flattens the asperities of the spur much like the scraping of the arthroscopic surgery does but without the cutting and 90 day recover. All I know is that the pain is gone and my elbow FEELS FANTASTIC. I used the the 1MHz setting at 1.5-2 Watt twice a day for 7 min per session submersed in saltwater or water doped with magnesium oil. I love the product, LOVE

19 February 2014

Reply from Physique:
Thanks for the review. Always get approved training before using Ultrasound Therapy. We offer one day workshops for sports medical professionals.

Intelect Combo Unit

The Chattanooga device is very helpful in speeding recovery for inflammation of the joints. The best investment I've made in my life. It's as close to the fountain of youth as you're going to get.

31 October 2012

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