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Mini Pro Thumper Massager

Mini Pro Thumper Massager

Mini Pro Thumper Massager

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  • Mini Pro Thumper Massager
  • Recovery Pack - Mini Pro Thumper
  • Mini Pro Thumper Massager
  • Thumper Authorised UK Dealer
  • Thumper Mini Pro
  • Thumper Mini Pro
  • Thumper Mini Pro
  • Thumper Mini Pro on back
  • Thumper Mini Pro on feet
  • Thumper Mini Pro on neck
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  • Thumper Mini Pro on feet
  • Mini Pro Thumper Massager
SPECIAL OFFER - FREE Recovery Pack with Thumper Mini Pro Massager
  • Mini Pro Thumper Massager
  • Tiger K Tape 5cm X 5m Black Logo × 2
  • Physique Water Bottle 750ml × 2
  • Physique Elite Reusable Hot and Cold Pack × 2
£173.00 inc. VAT
In Stock
Mini Pro Thumper without FREE Recovery Pack
£173.00 inc. VAT
In Stock
FREE Recovery Pack with any Thumper

FREE Recovery Pack (worth £38) with any Thumper!

Whether you’re looking for yourself, your clients or a loved one, keep those muscles relaxed this Christmas with Thumper Percussive Massagers.

And right now, when you buy any Thumper Massager you will receive a FREE Recovery Pack (worth £38) to help complement your wellbeing!

Your FREE Recover Pack includes:

  • 2 x Physique Elite Reusable Hot & Cold Pack
  • 2 x Physique Water Bottle 750ml
  • 2 x Tiger K Tape

Thumper Massager make the perfect gift this Christmas, so if you or someone you know is struggling with muscular aches and pains, it’s time you tried Thumper!

Offer expires on 31/12/2019 or while promotional stocks last.

A fresh new look to the Mini Pro Thumper Massager

The NEW Mini Pro Thumper Massager has replaced the former Mini Pro2.
All that's changed is a more modern look. The shape, function and power are still the same.

The 3rd generation from Thumper, the latest Mini Pro is exactly the same, but now it looks even better. 

With equal quality and performance hundreds of thousands of users have trusted for over 20 years. The Mini Pro Thumper Massager is also the number one choice for results-oriented individuals. 

The Mini Pro Thumper Massager is a professional strength massager in a personal, portable size. With two massage spheres and weighing only 3 lbs.

Mini Pro Thumper Massager delivers the strongest percussive massage available in a self-use model. Three electronically controlled power settings allow the user to adjust your massage.

  • The Mini Pro Thumper Massager is designed for professional healthcare use as an all-around robust and durable massager.
  • Delivers a full strength percussive massage that penetrates deep through all fascial layers.
  • Ideal for warming up muscles, increasing blood flow to the area being treated and releasing muscle tension.
  • The long handle allows users to treat themselves at home. The Mini Pro Thumper Massager is ideal for reaching areas like neck, shoulders and mid-back.
  • Weighing only 3 pounds (1.4 kg), it’s easy to take with you when you travel.
  • With three electronically controlled speed settings at 20, 30 and 40 pulses per second, the Mini Pro can be adjusted for all muscle groups.
  • Virtually no kick back to the handle and its user. It’s easy to hold, manoeuvre and operate. 
  • Each Mini Pro Thumper Massager comes with a 2-year warranty and we provide the UK-based after warranty care service


  • Size: 13″ L x 6″ W x 5.5″ H (33 cm x 15 cm x 14 cm)
  • Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
  • FDA Class 1 approved
  • Electrically approved UL, CSA, CE
  • 230VAC (Volts) – 25W – 50Hz
  • 2-year warranty (parts & labour)


Thumper is a Canadian company whose purpose is to help people stay active. They conceptualize, engineer, and manufacture deep muscle percussion massagers. All of their products are designed to interact with the biomechanics of the human body and to promote its natural ability to heal. Physique Management is an Authorised UK Thumper Dealer, supplying UK 3 pin plug units. Each Thumper comes with a 2-year guarantee and we provide the UK-based after warranty care service, so you can be confident when purchasing your Thumper Massager from us.

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Mini Pro Thumper Massager

A deep tissue massage, with no work: Thumper Mini Pro does the work for you. Designed for use in clinics and at home as an all-around robust and durable massager., it delivers a full strength percussive massage that penetrates deep through all fascial layers. It is ideal for warming up muscles, increasing blood flow to the area being treated and releasing muscle tension.

  • Authorised UK Thumper Dealer
  • Aftercare service with technical department
  • All in stock and available for next day delivery
  • Contact us for advice or more information

Customer Reviews for Mini Pro Thumper Massager

very useful for back pain. powerful.

06 January 2018

This was ordered for my friend as she was so impressed with mine which I've had a number of years. And I've used it on Many of my friends . So I would recommend this to anyone suffering with back problems and muscle tightness.

Miss Irene Cocking
26 November 2017

Really good, physio used this on me and just had to have one.

Really pleased

Coastal mum
13 June 2016

Awesome, this Thumper massager has revolutionised my life, headaches have disappeared and my neck and shoulder pain is reducing everyday, I would highly recommend this product to anyone with muscle pain it is fantastic and so easy to use.

Miss Clare Macnamara
09 February 2015

If you're looking at this you may well have already used the Maxi Thumper at a chiro session (that's what they all seem to use) - this smaller version is easier to use on yourself. It's not too heavy but still solid and has some weight to it. Has 3 speed settings and works well, the long power cord is useful.

It's made in Canada and seems well constructed and should hopefully last for years. It can be used pretty much all over and seems to really help with aches and pains or to warm up for sports etc.

D Wells
15 July 2013

This product is excellent! My physio uses the big brother version (Maxi Professional) on me, and after a horrendous bout of piriformis syndrome I decided to invest in the mini for self application.

I'm glad I went for this professional version as opposed to the cheaper sports model. It has less heads than the Maxi Pro, but it vibrates (on the top setting) more quickly. It's dramatically sped up my recovery, and is something that I've found handy to use on friends and relatives to relieve tired shoulders, aching muscles, or tired feet.

An all around excellent product, durable, and built to last. With excellent customer service over the phone when initially inquiring about the product, and next day delivery despite ordering after the designated time for next day delivery! I cannot recommend this product enough, and the price on this site was £30-£50 less than on other sites I came across.

Jason Maddison
22 October 2012

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