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Tiger Tear EAB Best Seller 4 for 3 Mix & Match
  • Tiger Tear EAB
  • Tear-Lite 2.5cm (Premium)
  • Tiger Tear 5.0cm x 6.9m
  • Tiger Tear 7.5cm x 6.9m
  • Tiger Tear in action
  • Tiger Tapes | Lineout Lifting Tape For Rugby

Tiger Tear EAB

2.5cm x 6.9m
4 for 3 Mix & Match
£1.76 inc. VAT
In Stock
£1.58 when you buy 48 or more
5.0cm x 6.9m
4 for 3 Mix & Match
£2.66 inc. VAT
In Stock
£2.40 when you buy 24 or more
7.5cm x 6.9m
4 for 3 Mix & Match
£3.88 inc. VAT
In Stock
£3.49 when you buy 16 or more
4 for 3 Mix & Match

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Tiger Tear Elastic Adhesive Bandage is an essential for any pitch side kit bag. Whether you’re looking for joint or muscle support, protection for your hands, or line out tape, Tiger Tear will ensure athletes FEEL READY. Protected, strong, and able to do what they need to perform.

Incredibly versatile our Tiger Tear EAB is a favourite sports tape for amateur to elite clubs. It’s easy to use application and tear by hand design, makes the task of strapping you or your players quick and trouble-free.

Lighter than traditional EAB strapping, our Tiger Tear EAB provides you with the ultimate tape to manage numerous injuries and taping procedures. Featuring excellent conforming properties that moulds perfectly to the body part, along with superior adhesive, you’ll FEEL READY for any challenge.

Tiger Tear

Why Tiger Tear? 

As the name suggests, Tiger Tear is a tear-by-hand Elastic Adhesive Bandage, so no need for scissors. It has been designed with a unique textured open weave 100% cotton fabric, making it totally comfortable to wear so athletes can FEEL RIGHT, move more freely and focus on their performance.


Kind to the skin, the latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive adheres to any part of the body and can withstand the toughest conditions, while helping reduce skin irritation. Tiger Tear FEELS RIGHT, meaning that you can be confident knowing that once this EAB sports strapping is on, it will stay in place without slipping, no matter the situation.
Tiger Tear

Why 6.9 meters?

Tiger Tear comes in a 6.9m roll, making it our best-selling tape! Probably the most frequent use for a Tear EAB is a figure of 8 taping technique around the ankle. Using our team of sports healthcare professionals, we’ve tested the amount of tape required to tape players and found that a 6.9m length tape is just about the right length for taping two ankles! This means Tiger Tear leaves behind very little waste, it’s easy to unwind design goes all the way to the core, making application even easier.
Tiger Tear

What is it used for?

Great for all sports, our Tiger Tear EAB is easy to use for moderate support strapping around ankles, knees, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hands. You can even adjust the tensile level at various points on the taping procedure to give extra support when needed - Great for more serious ligament injuries.

Its strong adhesion makes this strapping perfect for contact sports, being able to withstand extreme friction in rugby, football, hockey, judo and many other sports! Our Tiger Tear sports tape can be applied directly to the skin to provide moderate support for muscles and joints.

For rugby players, this is the go-to tape for fixing lifting blocks to players thighs and protect the head and ears in the scrum. Quick and easy to wrap around and simply tear in seconds. Kind to the skin and with a crinkle texture, rugby players can get extra grip when lifting for lineout’s so they FEEL READY!

Plus, it's easy-tear design makes it the ideal tape for a pitch-side compression wrap or for securing dressings or ice packs in place.

 Tiger Tear

  •       Lightweight EAB with an excellent, strong adhesion that's easy to unwind.
  •       Ideal for a moderate support strapping around ankles, knees, elbow, wrist and more.
  •       Kind to skin, latex free, hypoallergenic adhesive.
  •       Textured fabric with a “Crinkle skin feel” provides a great rugby line out strapping.
  •       6.9m rolls, which is perfect for securing two ankles, makes this our best-selling tape.

Available in single rolls or multiples.


To get 10% OFF please enter the following quantity to your basket:

  •          2.5cm: 48 rolls
  •          5cm: 24 rolls
  •          7.5cm: 16 rolls

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Tiger Tapes | Lineout Lifting Tape For Rugby

Tiger Tapes | Lineout Lifting Tape For Rugby

An effective method using Tiger Tapes and Rugby Lifting Blocks to provide maximum grip and hold when lifting a player in a lineout, with Professional rugby player Adam Peters.

Professional Rugby teams use Tiger Tapes because they FEEL RIGHT, players can be confident it will stay in place whatever the conditions.

We want to make sure players use the tape correctly so you FEEL READY, being able to move freely and feeling comfortable so you can focus your performance.

Watch our quick guide to help you and your players to lift easier, faster and with better grip.

What you’ll need...

This is just one example of how to apply Rugby Lineout Lifting tape.  If you have any suggestions or tips we'd love to hear from you.

Customer Reviews for Tiger Tear EAB

Tiger Tear 7.5cm x 6.9m


Susan Ridley-Anderson
06 November 2020


Tiger Tear 2.5cm


Susan Ridley-Anderson
06 November 2020


Tiger Tear 7.5cm x 6.9m


Jennifer Stretton
04 March 2020


Tiger Tear EAB

thank you for your products !

David kakabadze
03 December 2018


Tiger Tear EAB

Favourite tapes!

Miss Sara Gray
11 June 2018


Tiger Tear EAB

Strong tape, easy to use - perfect for Rugby Line-out lifting.

Mr David Head
26 October 2015


Tiger Tear EAB

Terrific product.

Miss Emily Swales
24 December 2013


Tiger Tear EAB

We've always used mueller but this is the same quality, only cheaper!

Rugby boys liked it too.

Will save the club a lot of money!



Graham New
19 March 2013

Tiger Tear EAB

Rep recently gave me a sample to try on our line-out jumpers.

Was very good and we'll use this tape this season at the club.

Should save us a few quid too!!


Jay Gee.

Jason Green
15 August 2012

Tiger Tear EAB

What a fantastic product, bought for my son who plays rugby who saw what the senior players use as line out support, really sticks well, textured cloth and much lower in price to the other branded products.

Cathy Davies
14 August 2012

Reply from Physique:
Thank you, we're really pleased with the new tape and feel that it is an important addition to our Tiger Tape range.

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