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Pro Foam Roller

Pro Foam Roller

Best Seller
  • Pro Foam Roller
  • Pro Roller 90cm Full Round
  • Pro Roller 90cm Half Round
  • 90cm Half Round Upside Down
  • Pro Roller 30cm Full Round
  • Pro Roller 30cm Half Round
  • 30cm Half Round Upside Down
  • Pro Roller Grip Surface
  • Pro Roller 1/2 Round balance
  • Pro Roller balance
  • Pro Roller practise
  • Pro Roller exercise
  • Pro Roller exercise
Full Round 15 x 30cm

4 for 3 Mix & Match

£11.99 inc. VAT
In Stock
Full Round 15 x 90cm

4 for 3 Mix & Match

£25.00 inc. VAT
In Stock
Half Round 15 x 30cm

4 for 3 Mix & Match

£8.38 inc. VAT
In Stock
Half Round 15 x 90cm

4 for 3 Mix & Match

£18.89 inc. VAT
In Stock

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Now Available in Half Round and Full Round

After years of supplying Foam Rollers we have found the most reliable and superior rollers from a great source with consistent quality.

We’ve tested loads of versions to discover the perfect roller and are confident you’ll be impressed with our choice.

The Pro Foam Roller is an essential piece of kit for any sports player or fitness and activity enthusiast.

Our roller provides you with an extremely reliable and functional tool that can be used for myofascial self-massage, rehabilitation and as part of Pilates or Yoga workouts and fitness routines.

Made from high density EVA foam our Pro Foam Roller will not lose shape or turn 'lumpy'.  Extremely strong, you can use the Pro Foam Roller for self-massage as well as balance training.

The textured surface gives you extra grip to prevent sliding when using on the floor.

Half Round Pro Roller great for rolling and stretching calf muscles as well as balance training. Also excellent for beginners to Foam Roller techniques.

Ideal for stretching, the Pro Foam Roller can help improve stability and flexibility and is great for promoting stabilisation, core strength and balance.

Key features

  • Enhances muscular flexibility, dynamic strength and balance.
  • Dense EVA foam construction provides firm support for all body types.
  • Will not lose shape or turn 'lumpy'.
  • Textured surface gives you extra grip to prevent sliding.
  • Excellent tool for self-massage, de-activating trigger points and for functional exercise.
  • Ideal for soft tissue work, stretching, massage, stability exercises, core strengthening, injury prevention, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, Pilates and Yoga.
  • Key tool for fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts.
  • Available in Blue, Full Round and Half Round.

Customer Reviews

Half roller is great for Pilates. Had one from a different make and it was too hard and dense.

This one is perfect.

Elaine Brindley
18 November 2018

I love this product and so do my patients. Textured surface does not slip on shiny floors! Great to use for balance, posture and core stability exercises. The kids love the challenge of progressing their balance activities from the flat side down to the curved side down. Patients frequently go and buy one as the 30cm is light and easy to store and very affordable.

Gina Farmer MSc. (Hons) Physiotherapy
03 December 2015

Perfect tool for The Calf Stretch and many others. The half foam roller is firm but yields to some pressure, it is warm to the touch with the faint nobbly texture giving that bit of grip to bare feet. Turn it over and you have a balance challenge, as it is strong enough to stand on. Care is required so as not to get the surface dented by sharp objects or edges. The half foam roller is a great floor sitting aid too, to find and maintain neutral pelvis. Excellent product.

J. Ball
20 October 2015

I have had this roller for only 3 days so I have initial impressions only. It is good and firm with a "grippy" surface. Working well at present but as I bought it to last longer than the previous roller it is only time that will tell if it was worth the extra. The 30cm length could do with being a little longer, even 35 or 40 would be better.

Mr Gwynfor James
16 October 2015

Brilliant product, sturdy and great value! Speedy delivery and excellent communication.

01 March 2014

Good product, great price!

Mrs Tina Dowsett
13 January 2014

Excellent product, representing good value for money. Great for those thoracic kyphosis that just don't move well and need some extra home extension exercise.

Placing it longitidudinally inter-scapular with knees bent up and feet on the floor, while gently oscillation from side to side core stabilises and massages the paraspinals.

A versatile tool which also doubles as a very large light saber!

Colm Gregory D.O., MSc
26 June 2013

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