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Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups

Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups

Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups

  • Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups
  • Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups
  • Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups
  • Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups
Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups
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Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups

Transparent silicone cupping set of 4 cups, ideal for cupping massages and cupping therapy.

Designed to deliver physical therapy and massage, silicone cupping therapy delivers a deep layer firm massage with many benefits to the body's fascial network as well as stimulating relaxation.

Silicone Cupping Set of 4

Cupping therapy 

This ancient treatment method originates from traditional Chinese medicine.  By placing the silicone cups onto the patients' skin then squeezing cup, a vacuum is created on the skin surface. The silicone cup can then be left in place or using massage oil or lotion the cup can easily and gently be moved around on the skin for a deep massage treatment.

Cupping therapy promotes blood circulation, anti-cellulite, relieves pain, joint and muscle soreness, detoxifies the body, releases endorphins to promote general healing and wellbeing, and can help increase skin’s firmness to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Silicone Cupping Set of 4

Silicone Cupping Set of 4 Cups

The flexible and soft design of the cups allows you to fully control the degree of suction to your preference by simply squeezing the cups gently or more firmly. Featuring a transparent silicone material allowing you to see the effect on the skin during treatment, so you and your patient can be confident of the therapy.

Unlike deep tissues massages which typically last 30 minutes, cupping can be done easily at home, delivering a full body massage in just 5 minutes. It’s also safe to use on your neck, back, chest, stomach and legs.

 Benefits of Silicone Cupping Therapy

  • A relaxing, soothing and healing effect on the fascial network
  • Removal of blockages in the body
  • Fast disposal of waste and moisture (lymphatic drainage)
  • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
  • Improved elasticity and firmness of the skin (for example, in case of cellulite)
  • Improvement of scar tissue, skin adhesions and wrinkles

Silicone Cupping Set contains 4 cups in different sizes.

Diameter: 60mm, 50mm, 40mm, 25mm.


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