Vasyli Blue Custom 3/4 Orthotics - Medium Density

Vasyli Blue Custom 3/4 Orthotics - Medium Density
3/4 Large
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3/4 Medium
£44.99 inc. VAT
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3/4 Small
£44.99 inc. VAT
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3/4 X Large
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3/4 X Small
£44.99 inc. VAT
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  • The most comfortable and effective orthotic device available,
  • Medium density, 6° orthotic, designed for the "average" patient with general orthotic needs to correct pronation and associated conditions.
  • The EVA, heat mouldable insole has a built in rearfoot varus angle, a poron tear drop shock dot and heel grid to reduce slippage inside a shoe.
  • Covered in a bonded fabric these insoles are suitable for most men’s shoes as well as ladies broad-fitting, flat footwear.
  • ¾ length designed for tighter shoes.

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X Small

2.5 – 4

3 – 4.5


4.5 – 6

5 – 6.5


6.5 - 8

7 - 8.5


8.5 – 10

9 - 10.5

X Large

10.5 – 12


Customer Reviews for Vasyli Blue Custom 3/4 Orthotics - Medium Density

Quick and efficient service. Product is comfortable and I can feel a difference in the way I walk.

Really make a difference!

Perfect for my needs.

Prompt delivery of product to my home

Will purchase products in future, as required.

Excellent product and very prompt service.

Great fit, I can use them in all of my shoes and boots. They have helped me enormously at work as I’m on my feet 9 hrs. They fit my walking boots too.

Thank you

All always with this company top notch excellent product very comfortable ,very speedy delivery all round great value and excellent

They fit my shoes perfectly and gave instant relief to my ankles and knees. Thank you.

This is my first experience with insoles and I have to admit I was sceptical ; However, they are fantastic and are really comfortable and helping me with my foot problems. I am so pleased with them I will be buying another pair

My feet roll in as I walk, causing pain and instability. These insoles help prevent that and walking is much more comfortable now.

Second pair I’ve ordered, very comfortable. Great customer service as always.

The insoles have made a big difference to my ability to walk comfortably and give me comfortable support for my flat feet.I no longer have pain in my ankles and feel more energetic as a result.A bit expensive for getting more for other shoes-a special offer for buying 2 or 3 would be good.

Product ‘does what it says on the tin’

I have scoliosis and my hips were out of balance, these insoles have made a massive improvement in stabilising my overall balance!

Great product for my flat feet. Was recommended by my podiatrist. This is my third pair.

Brilliant product

Great product and service

Great product

These were recommended to me by a physiotherapist. They are helping to relieve my foot pain and are great value for money.

Very quick next day delivery.

After just 2 weeks of using these I'm almost pain free after six months of crippling pain.

Really good insole, bit wide for some shoes

These are excellent orthotics. They fit easily in all of my shoes and give really good support. They may seem e but they last a long long time

These insoles are super comfy. I had bought a different brand in the past but will be sticking with these from now on

These insoles have made a real difference and eased the pain in the arch of my foot.

I’ve had these orthotics before and they are excellent as I pronate and also have arthritis in my foot joints. These Orr orthotics work very well for me. Super quick delivery

Good product delivered very quickly.

These orthotics are great and recommended by a podiatrist I sought advice from. They do just what I need and they help to prevent the foot pain I used to experience.

Cant fault the product but it was not suitable for running shoes so I had to return them

All seems great

Perfect! Got these pre-pandemic from physio at hospital, and needed more but couldnt find any that looked like the ones ive got so i did without....after 18 months of not using them in my trainers and bootees my back , hip and knee joints had gone so much worse i was struggling to walk, full stop! So much overpronation i wasnt even aware these identical ones to hospital ones and i can feel my balance has changed, muscles are aching in gluts and thighs (a good sign, means those muscles that were asleep are now working again!) and i feel like im not struggling so hard to get 1 foot in front of the other, much more in alignment now..they take a bit of getting used to , under the instep and you need a half to one size bigger in your regular shoes but the slight discomfort in the beginning is soon taken over by the ease of walking better again, and you get used to the feel of the insole and then dont notice it very much at all.if you can persevere you will notice that your whole skeletal frame is better and thats got to be worth it for the benefit they give you. Very happy with these and will continue with them in the future too. When they go too hard and flat, its time for a new pair..i get about 6 months out of mine and my joints feel less pain and discomfort when i use them. BRILLIANT! Thankyou!xxx

Product looks good and arrived on time. Haven’t had a chance to use them yet though!


Bought this on advice the physiotherapist. Very comfortable and well made. Knee pain has significantly improved.

They’re great arch supports. It took me 2 or 3 days to get used to them, but now they are comfortable. I’m glad I bought them. My podiatrist recommended them.

Nice product, great service

Good so far

I couldn’t live without them. I couldn’t WALK without them.

arrived promptly

Great product ,exactly what I needed.

Excellent product! Have really helped my daughter

Delighted with the speed and delivery of the order. Great that they fit immediately with no other shaping or cutting needed. More comfortable than rigid fitted orthotics i've had before and cheaper.

The product was good.

Excellent service and super quick delivery. The product is perfect for arch support and very comfortable in all my shoes.

These are far too wide for any of my shoes or trainers. Not been able to use them at all, osteopath says I need to buy new shoes, my work shoes are from Clarks! Very disappointed

Great product,ordered another pair for my partner

Excellent product perfect fit and replacement for originals. Super service to.

This has changed the way I walk and reduced my injuries so much

Great product. Excellent customer service with extremely fast delivery. Very impressed.

I have had 2 pairs of these for several years now and they are still going well. I definitely feel a difference at the end of the day. I ordered another pair so I don’t have to keep swapping them between foot ware. Definitely recommend these.

The product is fine but delivery was appalling. I was in all day and received a message saying they had missed me. There was no note through the door and I have a safe place as well. The parcel went to matalan for me to collect and the box was badly damaged. I was selling the insoles to a patient and I had to give them discount due to the damage. I have photos

I would like a refund on my delivery charge as the product was not delivered it was sent straight to matalan as there was another address sticker on top of my address so I don’t believe they even tried to deliver the parcel. I had to make a special trip to collect it the next day and needed it for the Thursday as my patient was coming into collect them, they too had to make another journey on Friday to collect the insoles

I was extremely dissatisfied with the delivery and therefore request a refund

Prescribed these by NHS podiatrist and found them incredible.

First time in two years that I can go for a decent walk and not return in pain.

Phenomenal how something so iniquitous can be so fantastic.

(Bought a couple of additional pairs for other shoes and slippers).

I use Vasyli orthotics all the time and they are very good quality. Service from this supplier was very good, despatched very quickly. Just wish they took paypal.

Great product as expected and service excellent

The insole of my left foot is very sensitive - so I am gradually adjusting

good product recommended for my child's school shoes - came promptly

Comfortable insoles and good service.

Excellent product.

Excellent product & excellent service

Works well I will order a red pair soon.

Comfortable and helpful for my flat feet and over pronation. Easy and quick to get used to.


Fits well, seems (only used for a few days) to aid mobility

Repeat order - great product and definitely worth the price

Very fast delivery

Excellent product. It takes a while to get used to them but the result is well worth it.

An excellent product, recommended by my NHS physiotherapists.

Rather expensive though - I guess you get what you pay for !

Great product, I've been using VASYLI 3/4 blue for over ten years and I can not fault them.

Comfy, does the job

At first I was sceptical but having worn them for a week I would not go out without them. I am still getting used to them but the problem with a strained tendon has been cured. Hopefully forever.

Brilliant product! Have always suffered with lower back pain and a pair of these really help. They last years and years and can be moved into different shoes all the time.

Very good!!!!

My chiropodist sent off for the 3/4 Vasyli orthotics about 5 years ago. I still use them. They cured my plantar fasciitis and if I ever get a twinge I reinsert them into my walking boots and all is well. Amazing product.

Insoles fine but delivery a disaster. Very expensive for a single item.

Notified of delivery on mornimg it eas happening and I'd already left home. Parcel sent to very small shop where I was kept waiting for over 15 minutes before being given the parcel.

Seem to be working, improving my walking

Great product. Highly recommended.

Has eased the pain in my foot and ankle due to collapsed arches

Really great product they fit in shoes I can not get full length inner soles in.

I have over Six pairs of these inner soles for all my shoes or slippers.

They are just the right amount of support I need

Very good product indeed. In addition, I ordered the wrong size for me, these

were promptly replaced without fuss or expense .

Excellent product

Simply the best and most comfortable insole i have been able to find. It does what it claims and whilst not the cheapest on the market it is worth paying extra for quality .Would definitely recommend.

Reasonable product but not convinced they are good value - seem very expensive for what you get (these were recommended by a physio, but they have not yet made an obvious difference)

Easy ordering system, fast delivery.

Product is a good fit (size 5 ladies trainers) and surprisingly comfortable.

Just what the dr ordered!!

Excellent product. It helped me so much in just a week, my feet are much more comfortable walking

They were bought son. They were a perfect fit and ars helping him alot

Good quality product. Helps me to walk comfortably without pain.

Excellent service. Reliable orthotic.

Vasyli insoles exactly what I needed. Very speedy service, I will definitely use this company again.

Have two sets of these for different hiking boots/shoes and they have certainly reduced knee pain when out walking - can now walk more regularly with less pain. Recommended by my Osteopath. Only reason for not giving 5 stars is because I’ve not had them long enough.

Great product, fits boots very well and supports feet

They are really comfortable.

Exceptional customer service responding to incorrect order. Many thanks Holly!

This is my second pair and they suit my feet perfectly

Repeat order, need in every pair of shoes!

Great product that I have used for many years due to fallen archs and plantar fasciitis.

Very helpful when my order went missing….replacement promptly sent .

I needed a second pair, as I had been given a pair by my foot consultant which have eased the pain in my arthritic toes. So I don’t have to keep taking them from one pair of shoes to another I bought a pair.

Fantastic product. Not only is the fit perfect but I feel less fatigue when I walk greater distance.


Good product

Great product. Handy size for the shoes I have. Good quality. Efficient delivery. I used to think they were expensive but they work and last me over a year I think, wearing them everyday. Very happy.

Excellent orthotic, my plantar fasciitis as severe in both feet, combining rest with these orthotics I started to recover and walk again

Product recommended by physiotherapist for foot problems caused by dropped arches. The improvement in pain relief and walking more comfortably was noticeable almost immediately, so these were definitely worth the cost.

Delivery was very quick, and I was impressed with the service from this company.

Very comfortable and very effective. I’m delighted,

Good product. Excellent service.

Quality product and prompt delivery.

Perfect for my feet, so comfortable and felt the benefit of these instantly.

Very happy with the insoles from Physique

These have really helped. Thank you!

Product seems fine, not quite the cure I was hoping for for my plantar fasciitis..

I was advised to buy these by my podiatrists. Unfortunately I found they dug into the soul/ball of my foot and my heel felt very squashed in them. Sadly they had to go back.

Five stars for Physique's service. Fast delivery and excellent help when I contacted them to return the items.

These insoles made the world of difference to the pain in my foot! I was able to dance, walk, everything, pain free!

Good service, great product THANK YOU

Good quality have had them before through podiatrist have not used these ones yet but confident they will be fine

Prompt efficient delivery. Product exactly as advertised. Very happy with service.

I have these in every shoe including the ones I use for lawn bowls.

I had to use these because my ankles were bowing inward.

I have 6 pairs altogether

My son has tried on other in-soles before in an attempt to alleviate flat-foot problems. Some don't feel comfortable and others cause pain/ache. He'll usually remove the in-sole after the very 1st day. Vasyli Blue is different, it feels perfectly comfortable at once. He has been using it ever since the 1st day and we are planning to buy another pair. Highly recommended.

Brilliant has made a really difference

I've had these from you before and they are excellent and arrived promptly. My only criticism is that you do not use PayPal

At first I thought they were a bit expensive for what they are but I have to say after wearing them for a week they have made a huge difference to the pain in my feet.. highly recommended.

Great product. Heel pain went as soon as I started walking. Walked all day no pain or discomfort. 7 days and several walks later still good. Just keeping them in my boots now. Possible posture benefits. We’ll see

These were recommended by my physio therapist as I am flat footed.

I get very good support from these insoles, they for in nicely in all my shoes and so comfortable

Mist importantly, they help to reduce the leg pain I would normally get

Would recommend these myself

Really pleased with these - completely alleviates my plantar fasciitis.

Excellent for casual wear.

My husband has been walking better and his heel not so painful I would recommend them .

Very supportive.

Had to return unable to fit these in any shoes.

Reliable, very happy with the delivery time.

I was recommended to use these by a physiotherapist to provide relief from Plantar fasciitis. They are remarkably effective. I had tried other inserts, but they were unsatisfactory.

Does the job.

On the recommendation of a physiotherapist I have been using these for a couple of years now to eradicate right knee pain. They have been totally successful in providing the right amount of correction. The pain has returned after a few days when I have tried to dispense with them.

I have tried a few insoles before and always given up as they tend to be uncomfortable and bothersome. These however are the opposite. Comfortable, easy to use and best of all become unnoticeable within a few days. My physiotherapist recommended them to me so I was hopeful as he is very good and not let me down once.

Thank you for such a great product and one that is really helping me to walk better and less painfully on fallen arches.

As recommended by my podiatrist for Plantar Facietis, these bought as a replacement for identical inserts which have now worn out. Very comfortable, I am size 8 shoe, so bought medium and fit just fine.

Good quality product, fits well in my son's shoes and has helps him by reducing pain in sole of feet and referred ankle pain.

My third pair which says it all. Originally recommended by an orthotics specialist and by my physiotherapist

Excellent product.

I’ve had this product before, it does exactly what is says it does I have them in all my shoes and slippers. Brilliant

Easy to order, arrived promptly, great product which seems to be helping solve my problem

Bought these to help neutralise my feet to alleviate bunions. They are brilliant! They make me stand up properly, so I am now engaging my hip flexors and glutes when i walk and have alleviated all the pain i suffered from plantar fasciitis. Worth every penny and will be purchasing more for the different types of shoes i have.

Anyone experiencing bad knees from poor posture, definitely give these a look.

Recommended by my podiatrist. I have flat feet and one leg shorter than the other. Much improved with these orthotics.

Have used Vasyli blue before. These new ones I purchased are excellent. Immediate comfort. Highly recommend

Fantastic, work really wear, tend to need to replace every two years

I originally had a pair of these from an orthotics specialist. I bought it again, great product! Reasonable price, good service. Would recommend.


Is a good product...has helped a lot for walk but still have a hells pain.

Great Improvement in my painful foot . Please anyone- can you tell me if they are washable or cleanable?

They were recommended by my Podiatrist and I failed to keep the leaflets which came with them

Hard wearing, good value for money

These help tremendously to lessen pains from fallen archs

I have chronic plantar fasciitis and these insoles do help they was instantly comfortable and was recommended by the podiatrist.

Use in these in my everyday shoes - great product !

Am really pleased so far as these inserts seem to help stop my foot turning inwards

Excellent supports. I've tried a lot for my planter faciitus but these are the best. Combination of these plus exercises should cure it. Thanks.

Great product and doing the job! Back ache gone as it all stemmed from my feet.

Perfectly accommodated in my trainers , but not in other shoes. When used with other therapies these insoles gave me good, immediate relief from my anterior knee pain.

They seem to do the job , I originally wanted the grey Vasyli pro insoles but they seem to be unobtainable in my size. I tried these first in slippers , then walking the dog and my feet seem fine , will probably be ordering more

Quality product, recommended by my Sports Physio. Physique has a good selection of products easy to browse and shop on their online store.

Fantastic for shoes in which you need a little more room at the tie ,but gives the correct support & al7gnment for the feet.

Excellent product.

Great fit. I was thinking I would not be able to slot them in my regular shoes but they are super thin but Sturdy.

Super happy

Easy quick delivery.


These are very comfortable and I feel they do help my flat arches. They arrived very well packed and prompt.

I am now wondering whether to try the high density orthotics. Do they have a higher instep?

Very good product. They help me with my fallen archs.

Very quick service

I was recommended these by my Physio to help relieve the pain of a Morton's neuroma. I have only used them once in my walking boots, so far, but managed an hour and a half pain free walk ....which is half an hour longer than usual. I'll be trying a longer walk to see how they do. Pleased so far.

Perfect fit in both trainers and boots

after suffering with plantar fasciitis in my left heel for ten months I spent 400 pound on physiotherapy without success went to see a podiatrist who recommended me these after wearing these for 3 months I'm pain free the best 44 pound I've ever spent I'm life I am back running everday

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