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Blister Plasters

Blisters can be very annoying and get in the way of everyday activities, especially if they are on your toes or heels as they can stop you from getting around as easily and can make walking or running very painful. 

Proper blister care such as a blister plaster is needed to properly protect the skin and prevent the blister from getting agitated or popping too early. 

Popping blisters is a controversial topic in general, you will probably be advised to pop it but a lot of sources say you should never pop a blister. 

Heel blister plaster

This is because popping a blister disturbs the natural healing process so you're better off leaving the work to your body and avoiding the pain of popping a blister incorrectly. 

Similarly, covering a blister or leaving it to 'breathe' are often debated but you will always be advised to wear a blister plaster for most of the time that the blister is present

What are Blister Plasters used for?

Although it is quite obvious why you'd wear a blister plaster if you have a blister, here are some uses and benefits:

  • To protect the skin from more damage 
  • They are good for cushioning the affected area of the skin
  • To stop open blisters from getting infected 
  • Provide pain relief or comfort and accelerate the healing process 

How long can I leave a blister plaster on for?

Generally, you should keep it on as long as possible which is usually when they start peeling off at the edges. This way, you can get the most out of each plaster as it doesn't need to be changed too often.

The higher the quality, the longer they will last, for example, Compeed blister blasters last for several days and remain quite firm during this time. 

How do I apply a blister plaster?

Please follow the directions in the image for information on how to apply a plaster properly.

How to apply a blister plaster

- Depending on the plaster, start by removing the protective layer tab  

- Then apply the blister plaster to the affected area 

- Peel back the remaining tabs which are usually pulled in opposite directions 

- Secure the plaster and make sure it is stuck down properly 

Most blister plasters have this design but you might find some that are easier to apply 

Here's a video from Compeed on how to apply Blister Plasters 

Blister Plasters

Compeed Blister Plasters

Compeed Blister Plasters are unmatched when it comes to quality and blister care.

These plasters have a unique hydro-cure system so the plaster absorbs moisture from the skin and forms a cushion to relieve pain and friction around the blister.

Compeed plasters work like a second skin and they provide instant pain relief while also relieving pressure from the blister.

They help to keep water, dirt and bacteria away from your blister and they are strong enough to stay on until the blister has healed.

Compeed toe blister plasters

Compeed Toe Blister Plasters 

These are very similar to the previous bister plasters except they are designed for use on your toes.

Toes can be quite tricky places to put blister plasters on so these make it a lot easier to apply to your toes and they are more likely to stay on. 

These toe blister plasters form a protective cushion and provide optimum healing conditions while keeping moisture out.

They provide cushioning for the blister and help to relieve pressure or pain which helps you heal faster. 

Compeed toe blister plasters also have the added benefit of having flexible edges that help to keep the plaster on for longer 

Blister plasters

Dependaplast Blister Plasters 

Dependaplast Blister plasters are made to be as convenient as possible with a quick and easy application process, they're as easy as 1,2,3.

They also come in a compact case which makes them easier to take on the go with you.

They aim to protect blisters by cushioning them and providing pain or pressure relief. They have hydro-colloid technology and are great at keeping moisture and bacteria out.

Like other blister plasters; they have the benefits of protecting blisters against rubbing and promoting faster healing.

Blister square plasters

2Toms Blister Dressing Squares 

2Toms blister dressing squares have an advanced formula hydrogel, mesh support and vitamin E.

They offer superior flexibility due to their design and have advanced protection for blister and trouble areas of the skin.

Skin-on-Skin is so carefully designed and manufactured that it feels just like skin while providing relief for your chafing, blisters, and other skin irritations.

They are durable and a more comfortable option compared to regular blister plasters.

As mentioned earlier, they have Vitamin E which helps to keep the skin moisturised and less irritated while keeping unwanted moisture out. 

Round Blister plasters

2Toms Blister Dressing Circles 

These are similar to the previous blister plasters except of course in circular form. Round blister plasters are good for larger blisters or blisters on your arms, legs, thighs, etc. 

These plasters provide superior cushioning and friction reduction while reducing sweating and rubbing. 

With added vitamin E, they also hydrate and soften the skin, bringing instant relief for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts or anyone with skin irritation.

Like the other 2Toms blister dressing squares, the dressing circles offer superior comfort, cushioning and protection. 

LeukoPlast blister plasters

Leukoplast Blister Plasters

Leukoplast Cuticell Contact is a gentle silicone wound contact layer for pain-free dressing changes.  Although they can be used on lacerations, cuts and abrasions, they can also be used on blisters and burns.

Once applied, Leukoplast Cuticel Contact can remain in place for up to 14 days, protecting the wound.

They allow the blister to breathe a bit more than other plasters and fluid can easily pass through the perforations.

This is to allow wounds like cuts to have fluids absorbed by a secondary dressing but it can also help with sweating and comfort. 

Blister Prevention 

Heel pads for blisters

Heel Blister Plasters 

Although these technically aren't blister plasters and are more like heel pads, they can be used for blister care.

They are individual foam pads that you can apply to the heel or any other part of the skin that has an irritation or blister. 

Unlike blister plasters, they don't stick with adhesive which makes them less of a long-term solution, they do however have 'skin lube' which helps them to stay wherever they're placed and the skin is fully covered.

They are usually applied before taping for sports such as when doing ankle taping, this helps to protect the skin from friction and irritation.

Heel pain is sometimes caused by this type of skin irritation and can affect performance so it's always a good idea to use a Heel pad before taping. 

Dressing for skin protection

Hypafix Blister dressing 

Hypafix dressing works similarly to the heel pads we just discussed except as the name suggests, this is a dressing for skin protection and not a pad.

It is applied for the same reasons though and is usually applied before taping or strapping for sports as well.

Hypafix is a skin-friendly, non-woven tape used for wide-area dressing fixation.

The tape transversely stretches, it is highly conformable and easy to apply, even on difficult joint areas. It is easily cut to shape to suit patients' treatment requirements. 

Sources and References 

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