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Make sure you're ready for the New Season

It's the same story every year... All the excitement leading up to the first game of the season makes it's easy to forget to check your team has all it needs to deal with injuries.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide, so you can be confident you have everything you need, and in good working order, ready for when the new season hits.

Please note: if you would like any help or advice for getting your kit sorted, give us a call, or send us the details below by email and we can work out your requirements for you…

Sport, age group(s), number of teams. Email us or call 02392 471346

Sports First Aid Kits

Make the right choice

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to First Aid Kits. With Physique, you’ll be confident you’ve made the right choice. Whatever sport or activity you’re involved in, our kits have all the essentials you need. Plus, if you want to tweak your kit to best suit your needs, we’re here to help you get exactly what you want.

Trusted by professionals our First Aid kits are used by elite sports teams including Saracens, Norwich City FC, GB Hockey, Welsh Athletics, Surrey Cricket and many more.

So, let's get going...

First Aid Kit Contents

First, do a stocktake

If you already have a first aid kit, this is the best place to start. It may seem obvious but honestly, it's the best way to know what you're short of and what you already have. 

During this process, be sure to check what you have is fit for purpose. Spend a brief amount of time to quickly test what you have.

Which products are out of date or will be soon? Most items have a good shelf life for a few years, but if it's not been replaced for a long time it could well be out of date or will be very soon. 

Do all the items still work? Check the cold spray, are the scissors sharp, are the instant ice packs ready to use.

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Sports First Aid Kits

What you'll need

So now you know what fit for purpose products you have, it's time to make a note of what the team still needs.

Please note: If you need any help during this then give us a call, or send us the following details by email and we can work out your requirements for you.

Sport, age group(s), number of teams. Email us or call 02392 471346

Top tip!

If you're responsible for all the first aid kit for different age groups, levels etc. then a good tip is to divvy up everything you have with each team. This way you can spread all the first aid items around rather than one team being lumbered with all the older stock.  You'll have a better chance to keep everyone happy and this will help to avoid an item failing when they need it.

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Essentials Tick List

Here’s a list of the items and quantities per first aid kit we recommend all teams should have, to get you through each game.

Ice Packs

How much should you get

So, you know what you need, now let’s work out how many of each.

This all depends on how many first aid kits you need to make up. If you only need to worry about one team that’s nice and easy. If you have multiple teams to get kit for then simply multiply the total number of kits by each recommended product and quantity from the Essential Tick list.

Many of our sports first aid essentials are supplied in case quantities. If you have several first aid kits that need topping up, buying a case to split for all the kits is the most cost-effective option for you. Teams can go through quite a bit of kit, so having spare stock that you can top up for each game is a great idea. 

For example, a pack of 24 Instant Ice Packs will give you plenty for several kits and some spare to replenish for the next game.

Buy Instant Ice Packs

Immediate Care Bag

What's the most cost effective way to order?

If you only need 1 or 2 sports first aid kits, then a great option is our Pitch Side Field Bag. We supply these fully equipped with lots of the essentials plus a couple of extra bits. These are available in black or our NEW Red Bag. Alternatively, if you have a first aid bag already you can choose the contents only. 

We also have an Immediate Care Bag that is perfect if you’d prefer a smaller kit.

Our Pitch Side Field Bags and Immediate Care bag are on our fantastic 4 for 3 offer, giving you the option to mix and match the large or small bag, fully equipped, contents only, bag only or anything else in our 4 for 3 deal. 

Again if you are buying for several teams, then buying a case of the product to split for each team kit will give you a great saving in the long run.

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Why order from Physique

Our sports first aid essentials are used by elite and amateur teams. Each item has been rigorously tested to make sure it is functional, efficient and up to the job.

We even offer flexible delivery options to suit you. If it’s easier for you to order now and have your kit delivered in time for the new season, no problem. Just tell us when you’d like delivery in the comments box with your order or you can call or email us.

You can order anytime online or by calling us from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Our team is here for help and advice. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for just ping an email to or drop us a line on 02392 471346.

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Tiger Rip Cohesive

Excellent customer service and a quality product which we will most certainly order again

Adam Latimer
30 January 2019

Instant Ice Pack

brilliant product very convenient

mrs susan todd
06 September 2017

Pitch Side Field Bag and Contents

The Physique Field Bag is fantastic for the sports therapy students who have to complete pitch side placements as part of their course. The bag is durable throughout the sporting season and does not get damaged like other pitch side bags. It is supplied with an appropriate contents used for all sports and has additional space so the field bag can be customised for the students and their pitch side placement when needed. It is a great product for us and would strongly advise other customers to pick the physique field bag.

Caroline Parmenter
28 October 2016

Examination Gloves

Great quality

Mrs Justine Asghar
19 October 2015

Immediate Care Bag

Good size, contents covered most things although I will add other bits that I use.

23 September 2015

Immediate Care Bag

I ordered two of these kits for my football club. They are an excellent size and the contents were brilliant. As usual the order was delivered rapidly and although there was a slight problem with my order regarding the delivery price Physique contacted me straight away and dealt with it immediately. Totally recommend both the company and the kit bags.

Miss Fiona Mackie
06 August 2015

Pitch Side Field Bag and Contents

good piece of kit. quite roomy and looks well made. Time will tell how it performs though.

Mr steve cooper
03 August 2015

Immediate Care Bag

contents ok but a bit limited in quantity though

Mr steve cooper
03 August 2015

Reply from Physique:
Thanks for your comments. We do offer a larger kit, our Fully Equipped Field bag has much more equipment.

Pitch Side Field Bag and Contents

Everything you would need although the scissors aren't the best and the zips on the bag aren't the best quality but nothing that would put me off purchasing again/recommending to others.

Miss Hannah Robinson
21 July 2015

Reply from Physique:
Thanks for your review. We have now changed the Scissors to Tuf Cut Scissors which are much tougher and more reliable. We've also improved the zips so they work more efficiently and are better quality.

Instant Ice Pack

This is a really useful product, and it works. I have a small cartiledge tear in the knee and after exercise or ballroom dancing I often need to place a cold pack (from my home freezer) on the joint to reduce the likelihood of swelling. My wife and I travel periodically and I always take a supply of these Instant Ice packs as they are a really good substitute for that freezer cold pack. Although not to the icy cold level of a freezer pack, I have found that the cold generated by the Instant Ice Pack is plenty to thoroughly chill the joint for a good 15-20 minutes, which is enough to inhibit swelling. I have just purchased my third order of these, which is testament itself to their effectiveness.

Mr Arthur Streatfield
23 March 2015

Pitch Side Field Bag and Contents

Great kit bag. Looks great and had everything I needed. All I added were compeed blister pads, tissues and some more gloves.

Miss Hazel Ruers
09 February 2014

Pitch Side Field Bag and Contents

Great bag but if the bottle holders were on the end of the bag would be better to run on with

22 September 2013

Immediate Care Bag

Very good bag, I use it as my pitchside /blood bag with a few extras.

plenty of space for a jet spray and small amount of ice also.

A bigger size Physique bag with player extra's etc. and spares are along side me in the dug out.

Last season I kitted out all of our youth academy managers/coaches with the Care Bag, it is perfect for their level of medical training and expertise and just the size as a run on bag at youth level.

I am gradualy seeing them in use around the Conference South League and sometimes on TV.

A very good quality product at the price.

David Callow
04 September 2013


great value, decent assortment

Mr John O'Neill
22 July 2013

Instant Ice Pack

I work for a local rugby club where these Instant Ice packs are just what you need pitch side if you have any immediate injuries where ice is required!

They go very cold in a matter of seconds! And I have had some stay ice cold for up to 30 minutes! Great tool to have in any medical kit!

A must have in your pitch side bag!

Joe Williams
26 March 2013

Tiger Rip Cohesive

we use this mainly for applying ice packs and/or compression at rugby club. good cohesive, works well.

19 March 2013