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Therapy Couches

It's probably one of; if not the biggest investment you'll make as a physiotherapist, sports therapist or physician so choosing the right Therapy Couch is crucial.

When you're spending several hundreds of pounds on a Therapy Couch, reliability is expected and we’re here to make sure that is exactly what you get.


Our team at Physique have been supplying Therapy Couches for nearly 20 years. During this time, we’ve learned what makes a superior treatment table, built to stand the test of time and won't let you down.

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As leading suppliers to elite sports teams, clinics and colleges, our customers work in extremely demanding situations with busy schedules. Having a reliable therapy couch that you can easily adjust to suit therapist and patient, as well as providing comfort is paramount.


That's why we've chosen Seers Medical as our supplier of therapy furniture. Their experience in developing and manufacturing couches is second to none, with unrivalled build quality and the ability to create a solution for healthcare professionals and patients.

What are the options...


Treatment couches generally come in 3 styles, 1, 2 and 3 section. You should consider the types of treatments you'll be carrying out on your couch to decide which is the most suitable option for you.

Single Section Couch

A single section couch is perfect for any treatments where your patient is required to be lying flat, such as massage, reflexology, manual therapy, acupuncture etc.

The following treatment couches are available in single section


2 Section Therapy Couch

2 Section Couch

Two section couches offer you the flexibility to raise the smaller section as a backrest for your patient, providing them comfort. You can also lower so it's angled down for treatments where you or your patient need to be in a particular position.

The following treatment couches are available in 2 section


3 Section Couch

3 Section Couch

Finally, a 3 section couch provides maximum adaptability for positioning your patient. With an adjustable backrest and multi-position lower limb section, this style is suitable for just about any treatment you'll need to deliver.

The following treatment couches are available in 3 section


Should I get a couch with Electric or Hydraulic Control?

On many of the Seers Therapy Couches, there is a choice of hydraulic (non-electric) or electric height control operation.

Both options are extremely easy to operate and dependable so really it's down to personal preference. If access to an electrical outlet is restricted in your clinic then a hydraulic is the best for you.

Hydraulic Height Operation

A hydraulic therapy couch features operating levers on both sides of the couch that can easily adjust the height. To raise the couch, the lever, from either side, must be continually depressed and released repeatedly until the couch treatment surface is at the required height. At the end of the treatment, to lower the couch the lever needs to be raised upwards and held in position by the operator’s foot which will allow the couch to descend in a controlled manner until the minimum height is achieved. The descent can be activated by raising the lever on either side of the couch.



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