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Squid Elbow Recovery System

  • Squid Elbow Recovery System
  • Squid pump
  • Squid gel pack and compression garment
  • Squid gel pack
  • Squid compression garment
  • Squid application
  • Squid in use
  • Squid velcro

Squid Elbow Recovery System

Squid Elbow Recovery System
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Squid Recovery System

Offering you a simple solution for cryotherapy and compression treatment for teams and individuals on the move, in the clinic or at home. Its compact pump is small and light enough for you to carry anywhere and despite its size the power is remarkable.   

Squid is the world’s smallest and most powerful portable sequential compression device. With outstanding performance the Squid provides more effective treatments in less time at a great price.

  • Powerful – The Squid pump delivers an impressive 85mmHg compression
  • Deep – Frozen gel packs at -18°C deliver cold deep into the muscle
  • Sequential – Air chambers inflate sequentially driving flow back to the heart
  • Fast – A full treatment using the Squid takes just 15 minutes

Why choose the Squid

Squid’s unique design allows for tremendous relief from muscle and joint pain, and can help speed up injury and performance recovery times. This quiet and portable system allows for convenient use. Squid is the only system available that combines intermittent sequential compression with cold therapy.

How it works

Squid operates by combining sequential compression with cold therapy. Each Squid wrap was uniquely developed for a specific body part with a sequential compression bladder designed to direct swelling away from the treated body part while driving cold deep into the tissue. The combination of directional sequential compression and deep penetrating cold may help in reducing edema and pain while allowing better blood circulation in the treated area and reducing inflammation.

For athletes Squid is an excellent recovery tool providing high efficacy cold therapy while driving metabolites such as lactic acid away from the treated muscle, increasing local circulation and getting you ready faster for more action!

Perfect for recovery, the Squid Elbow Recovery System can be used for compression with and without the gel packs.

Key features

  • Portable
  • Weighs just 450g
  • Only 90mm x 80mm
  • Provides 50 treatments from only a 4 hour charge
  • Can be used whilst on charge
  • Offers cold and standard compression

User Friendly

  • Elbow wrap fits left or right elbow
  • Simple operation with 4 options (same efficiency)
  • Pause & countdown timer
  • Durable rubber housing & strong Velcro
  • Easy clean antibacterial material

What the professionals say

After testing the Squid out on professional teams that use compression systems frequently, the feedback has been very positive.

What they really like about the Squid

  • Small and easy to transport
  • Stronger compression than other devices
  • Simple to operate
  • Option to use compression only without cold therapy

What's in the Box

Squid Pump

Elbow Gel Pack

Elbow Wrap

Connector Hose

Instruction Manual


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