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Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray

Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray

Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray

  • Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray
  • Stericlens Saline Spray 100ml
  • Stericlens Saline Spray 240ml
  • Stericlens Saline Spray
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For the topical irrigation and cleansing of wounds

Preservative Free

Stericlens is a versatile topical irrigation and wound cleansing system. Its narrow spray is designed to help remove debris and bacterial matter without touching the wound.

An ideal solution to first aid kits. Specially designed to maintain good infection control and hygiene practices. A cost-effective aerosol spray that can be used many times ensuring minimal wastage. The simple spray design ensures this can be easily applied when necessary.

Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray features unique spraying technology allowing you to spray when held in any position - even upside down.

Available in 100ml and 240ml can sizes

  • Helps remove debris and bacteria in wounds
  • Very easy to apply to affected area
  • Great addition to first aid kits
  • Supplied in a 100ml or 240ml spray can

Customer Reviews for Stericlens Sterile Saline Spray

Works really well, reduced the aching on the first spray

14 October 2019

A good product but I think it’s slightly overpriced for just a water/ salt solution

Olivia Rawlings
13 May 2019

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