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Activ5 Portable Workout Device

  • Activ5 Portable Workout Device
  • Activ5
  • Activ5
  • Activ5
  • Activ5
  • Activ5
  • Activ5 - Coach & Trainer for Pro Athletes
  • Activ5 Portable Workout Device

Activ5 Portable Workout Device

Activ5 Portable Workout Device
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Activ5 Portable Workout Device

Exercise Anywhere

Activ5 is a portable isometric-based strength training device & coaching app. It's the ideal product for anyone looking to improve their fitness, tone their body and stay in top condition.
Perfect for all ages, fitness levels and anyone with a busy schedule. Activ5 uses isometrics to give you a low impact, full-body workout.

The hand-held, connected device lets you perform 100+ exercises and track your performance gains. Leveraging proven isometric strength-training exercises, Activ5 and the free Training app will help you reach your personal fitness goals and have fun doing so.

Activ5 Device


The Activ5 device is a "Tiny Gym in Your Pocket" that effectively tones and strengthens muscles.

Activ5 has a durable design that measures more than 90.7kg (200lbs) of muscle force and has proven to increase strength by an average 30%* in just 6 weeks.

Includes 1 x AAA battery that lasts 6-12 months, no need to charge.

Activ5 Coaching


Available on iOS and Android operating systems, the Activ5 Companion App features more than 100 seated and standing workouts, enabling users of any age and fitness level to achieve the benefits of strength training with ease.

Activ5 also connects to Apple Health and Apple Watch.

Activ5 Games


The Activ5 App personalises 100+ workouts to your fitness level, tracks your progress and allows you to exercise while playing games

Activ5 Full Body Workout


Activ5 is a fitness tracker that coaches users through over 100 full body isometric exercises and workouts.


Effective Workouts


Activ5 is a portable fitness device that enables users to complete 5-minute workouts virtually anywhere. Activ5 is the best fitness device for busy professionals.

There are specific workouts available on the app, including Yoga and Pilates, At Work, Traveling on a train, plane and much more.

Low Impact


Isometric exercise strengthens muscles without risk of injury. Activ5’s free companion strength training app coaches users through low impact isometric workouts, making Activ5 perfect for kids & seniors.

Ollie Leaper, First Team Physiotherapist, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. 

"We have found the Activ5 and ActivForce devices extremely useful in monitoring and the maintenance of our players. The incentive dynamometry of the activ5 has also been useful and engaging for our athletes, and can be used in a wide range of situations.

The ActivForce device delivers quick and easy objective measurements to be taken during rehabilitation and return to play. It can be utilised to collect accurate daily measurements allowing the close monitoring of fatigue markers, or to manage chronic problems.

Due to the size and durability of the device, it can be easily packed for team travel without the risk of damage.

The price point of the multipurpose device means that accurate handheld dynamometry is now available to all practitioners, whichever setting they work

* Results may vary. Activ5 is presented as part of a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. It is not a replacement for traditional fitness and exercise programs. Proper diet and exercise are critical for any weight loss regimen. Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone, and this or any exercise program may result in injury. Consult your doctor before starting this or any exercise program. As with most exercise programs, the creators, producers, participants, and distributors of this exercise program cannot guarantee that this program is safe and proper for every individual. Any liability, loss, or damage in connection with the products, exercises, instructions, or advice in this program is expressly disclaimed. In an Activ5-sponsored 6-week study, subjects experienced an average increase in strength of 30.04%. Children should use Activ5 only with adult supervision. Mobile device not included in any Activ5 offer.

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Activ5 - Coach & Trainer for Pro Athletes

Jamal Liggin, develops training programs for professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MMA organizations. He shares Activ5 from Activbody with his crew in this video. They discover a powerful, fun and easy way to work out when they're travelling and a unique way to activate muscles before and after intense workouts.

Activ5 Portable Workout Device

Activ5 is the ideal fitness product for anyone who wants to get in shape fast.

Here are just a few features of the Activ5:

1) Personalized: Activ5 calibrates to your unique strength and fitness level.

2) 5 Minute Workouts: Activ5’s isometric exercises are fast and efficient.

3) Play Games: The Activ5 device works as a game controller on the app.

4) Low Impact: Isometrics uses static muscle exercises to help avoid injury.

Customer Reviews for Activ5 Portable Workout Device

Activ5 Portable Workout Device

Love this. I needed something to keep me fit while I am rehabbing a sports hernia and sprained shoulder. This does it with no chance of me getting the temptation of lift heavier. Surprisingly a good challenge.

21 October 2019

Activ5 Portable Workout Device

I received my Activ5 a few weeks ago and I have been using it regularly at work, home and when travelling. I try to make it in to the gym at least two to three times per week but this is a great supplemental way to get a quick workout in when I can't get to the gym. I recommend this for individuals looking to maintain strength while balancing the demands of work and life. The games are entertaining and the workouts are approachable but challenging. It's working out muscle groups I have neglected before!

Dan B
21 October 2019

Activ5 Portable Workout Device

Really loving this. I work long shifts and am often sat at my desk for long periods of time. This device is discreet and I can do some of the exercises at my desk. There are also more physical ones that require to lay down or squat. Ideal little bit of kit the help you do exercise little and often and there are exercises for everyone.

21 October 2019

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