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Vasyli Blue Custom Orthotics - Medium Density

Vasyli Blue Custom Orthotics - Medium Density

Vasyli Blue Custom Orthotics - Medium Density

  • Vasyli Blue Custom Orthotics - Medium Density
  • Vasyli Custom Blue Full Orthotic
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  • The most comfortable and effective orthotic device available,
  • Medium density, 6° orthotic, designed for the "average" patient with general orthotic needs to correct pronation and associated conditions.
  • The EVA, heat mouldable insole has a built in rearfoot varus angle, a poron tear drop shock dot and heel grid to reduce slippage inside a shoe.
  • Covered in a bonded fabric these insoles are suitable for most men’s shoes as well as ladies broad-fitting, flat footwear.
  • Full length, ideal for sports shoes.

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Customer Reviews for Vasyli Blue Custom Orthotics - Medium Density

I have suffered with chronic plantir facilititus for months , and was considering having to give up my job due to severe pain in my left foot, however after these insoles were recommended to me by another sufferer, I am pleased to report after one day, such a big improvement, no more limping , and enjoyed my day at work much more, I'm hoping they continue to work , theres a good choice of insoles and it can be daunting which ones to choose, they are not cheap to purchase but so far im very pleased.

Jane Walker
31 December 2019

Excellent product and speedy delivery.

David Rhodes
28 September 2018

excellent product

Mrs F Read
08 October 2015

I have been advised to wear these due to a recurring foot problem so I duly ordered them and have worn them. They take a little getting used to but you can definitely feel the difference when they are in place.

Speedy delivery, good quality product and packaging. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that they 'do the trick!'

29 September 2015

Personally I think they are brilliant!! The podiatrist I went to see recommended them, and after having such problems with my feet for a couple of years, I could not believe the difference they have made!

Miss Joan Kent
28 April 2015

It has taken a good few days to get used to the insoles but I know that there has been a marked improvement and reduction in the pain I feel in my heel.

I also have a pair of the red high density ones and use them for sports.

Amazingly quick turnaround from ordering to actual receipt

02 April 2014

I have been using these 3/4 length vasyli orthotics for about 4 or 5 years now, after seeing a podiatrist who recommend them, and the difference I can say is amazing. I used to really struggle to walk with pain and the thought of walking round the farm or too far when shopping was really hard. If I don't have them in a pair of shoes or boots then I can tell the difference!! Well worth the money spent!

27 February 2014

Inserts were recommended to me for my son by a podiatrist for correcting/bringing his leg and foot back into alignment. Though inserts are alittle on the expensive side, in years to come my son will have reaped the benefits from the continuous use in all his shoes. We are now on our third set, as teenagers never stop growing....Well recommended in this instance.

mrs Jan Brailsford
24 February 2014

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