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Pro-Lite XT Spineboard Package

  • Pro-Lite XT Spineboard Package
  • Pro-Lite XT Spineboard Pinned
  • Speed Clips set of 4
  • Seat Belt Buckle Fastening
  • Head Immobiliser

Pro-Lite XT Spineboard Package

Pro-Lite XT Spineboard Pack
  • Pro-Lite XT Spineboard
  • Head Immobliser
  • Restraint Straps x 4
£435.00 inc. VAT
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We've put together an essential kit to remove a casualty from the field of play.

Featuring the Pro-Lite XT Spineboard, Head Immobiliser and Restraint Straps, you'll have everything you need to safely and efficiently care for an injured player.

The Pro-Lite Spineboard holds up to 453kg, while the head immobiliser and restraint straps are quick and easy to apply and adjust for securing the player in position.

Pro-Lite Spined Board Package includes:

Pro-Lite XT Spineboard Pinned

The Pro-Lite XT Spineboard is an extremely strong and robust backboard designed for the safe evacuation of a casualty. Very lightweight with unlimited weight capacity the spine board features 8 hand-grip points for easy lifting and moving. Also includes 8 pins set in the handles to easily attach restraint straps (sold separately) to immobilise and safely transport a casualty.

  • The Pro-Lite XT Spineboard is constructed with a seamless design to prevent fluid from entering and eliminates cross-contamination
  • Extra reinforcement inside hand-grips for extra strength
  • Incredibly strong with single patient weight capacity of 453kg
  • Supplied with speed clip pins to easily attach restraint straps (sold separately)
  • 100% guarantee of workmanship under normal usage, guaranteed for life
  • Guaranteed 100% X-ray translucent
  • Guaranteed not to warp with minimal deflection under maximum load
  • Weight: 5.67kg.  Size: 183 x 41 x 5.7cm

Head Immobiliser

Comfortable, padded head immobiliser that fits safely and securely to the spineboard for safe management of suspected spinal damage. The head immobilser will accommodate patients with extrication collars.

  • The hi-vis universal Head Immobiliser is guaranteed 100% compatible with any type of backboard or scoop stretcher
  • Supplied as a complete set with base plus support straps, two head blocks, head and chin straps
  • Provides firm control of head movement while helping to maintain proper cervical spine alignment without causing patient discomfort
  • The Head Immobilser features a fast and simple to use Velcro system making securing and adjustment easy
  • Also features ear holes to allow monitoring of potential haemorrhages
  • The Head Immobiliser is constructed of specially coated foam which is impervious to contamination by blood and other fluids

Restraint Straps - Speed Clips Set of 4

The best quality restraints available - designed to minimise longitudinal and transverse movement during transportation. Fitted with a simple release button and speed clips ends for quick application.

  • Antibacterial fabric helps prevent contamination to restraint webbing and makes clean-up a breeze. 2 piece cot straps.
  • Soft, pliable with no exposed fibres
  • Flexible in extremely low temperatures
  • Almost impossible to stain
  • Colour Black

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