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Portable Therapy Furniture

Portable Therapy Furniture Buyers Guide

Therapy Tables and Couches are used by a wide range of healthcare professionals from Massage Therapists who use them as Massage Tables, to Sports Therapists who use them for taping/strapping, massages and assessments or Physiotherapists who use them for examinations and procedures.

Whether you’re a seasoned healthcare professional or just starting out on this exciting journey, one of the most important purchases you will ever make is a portable treatment table, especially if you are frequently on the go and aren't permanently based in your own clinic so finding the right Therapy Table is very important. 

Physique Massage Couch

You’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point. So knowing the tables you can choose from will hopefully help you to pick out a therapy table or couch that is reliable, functional and comfortable for yourself and your patients. 

There’s a lot to consider when looking for a treatment table and even more on the market, so we appreciate how daunting it can be. We’re here to make your choice simple and eliminate any stress.

When first looking for a treatment table it’s best to consider exactly what treatments you will need it for and where you’d expect to use it.

For a therapist on the move, such as mobile massage, you’ll need a therapy couch or table that is easy to transport, lightweight and efficient to fold up and down. You can have all of this without having to compromise on strength, dependability, appearance and comfort.

It wasn’t always this way, fortunately for you, the design and functionality of portable treatment tables and couches have progressed rapidly over the last 10 years.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own clinic, our portable therapy furniture also provides reliable solutions that are strong enough to handle a busy therapist's schedule. With easy height adjustments suitable for all treatments and any size patient.

The fact that the Therapy tables are easy to fold up and put away also makes them great for making more space available when you're not using your Therapy table. 

You've sussed out where... What's next?

So now you know where, it’s time to consider what treatments you will be providing.

If you’re treatments mainly require the patient to be laying down, then a flat couch or table can be all you need. Often the preferred choice for massage, osteopathy, reflexology and acupuncture among others, a simple flat therapy table will allow you to complete your treatments.

For treatments that require patients to be in numerous positions, e.g. physio, sports therapy, beauty treatments etc. then a couch with an adjustable backrest will be a huge advantage. Many patients feel more comfortable sitting upright or at an angle when they are being assessed or treated. It can also be easier for therapists to conduct their work if a client is able to be supported by a backrest.

Another option that has become increasingly popular, especially with mobile practitioners is a Therapy Chair. Compact, comfortable and great for massage, spinal treatments and much more.

So here are your 3 options... 

Now let's have a closer look...

The biggest advantage of choosing this style is the weight. As there’s much less needed in the construction you can expect these to be a few kg less than a couch with a backrest. Perfect for all types of massage and incredibly easy to set up and down.

Physique Massage Couch

Physique Massage Couch

  • Weighs only 10kg
  • 6cm thick upholstery with sprung mattress
  • Dimensions 183cm x 63cm

We didn’t want to stop at providing you just any old portable flat couch like many other sellers. Oh no no no… we like to make our job even harder so you get the ultimate lightweight table.

Just about every treatment table you’ll find has a wooden base (usually plywood), these are nice and strong but they contribute to the weight. So we looked at other options that are strong, comfortable and crucially take away some of the weight for you.

Physique Massage Couch

And one clever invention sprung to mind!!

Our unique spring mattress featured on the Physique Massage Couch has been a revelation. Using an extremely strong woven fabric to replace the traditional wooden base, which is thread bound all the way around the perimeter, it has delivered exceptional results.

It not only provides you with an extremely lightweight Massage couch at only 10kg, it’s also exceptionally strong, comfortable and with the slight spring effect delivers you the best possible feedback during massage.

And that’s not all… Constructed with an incredibly resilient and lightweight aluminium frame the Physique Massage Couch features arched endplates. The beauty of these is you can sit at either end as well as the sides of the couch to deliver your treatments, without struggling to position your knees and getting them trapped underneath.

Also if you remember your physics classes; an arch distributes weight more efficiently so is stronger than a standard square frame.

Massage Couch with an adjustable backrest

If you’re looking to provide a variety of treatments with your Therapy Table then having the option of a backrest to sit your clients up is a huge advantage. Slightly heavier than a flat couch but just as easy to set up and fold down. 

Physique Therapy Couch

Physique Therapy Couch

  • 11-Position elevating backrest
  • Lightweight table at 14.4kg
  • Dimensions 184cm x 63cm

The most popular couch we supply and that’s mainly down to its versatility. With an adjustable backrest, the Physique Therapy Couch can be used for virtually all types of treatments.

So what is so special about our Therapy couch?

We’ve seen umpteen couches with a backrest over the years that were ok, but we don’t just do ok. Once again it wasn’t easy enough to just sit back and pretend that’s the best we could offer you. 

Physique Therapy Couch

We’re a little specific when it comes to attention to detail but we know our customers and how important the slightest feature can affect your work. I know what you’re thinking... It’s just a backrest, how significant can it be... If it leans up and down what’s the problem? Backrests are designed to.. you’ve guessed it, rest the back, there’s a clue in the name.

The backrest on our Physique Therapy couch can be tilted all the way up to 53°, pretty much all other Therapy couches out there don’t lean up to anywhere near ours. This can make a huge difference to your treatments.

Obviously, it gives you a greater range to position the client, it also makes the experience of being treated much more comfortable for your patient.

Instead of an awkward angle that can cause pain to your patient, you’ll be able to sit them right up, so they don’t walk out worse off than when they came in. 

The strength of this couch is incredible. We supply professional rugby teams, so huge guys well over 20 stone are being treated with the therapist often jumping on the couch as well.

A lot of sports healthcare work is done out on the field, so having a couch that will stand up to the test and won't buckle under some severe weight and pressure is exactly what you get with the Physique Therapy Couch.

Featuring a strong and firm wooden base this couch is a bit heavier than the flat massage couch, but even with the adjustable backrest and solid aluminium frame it still only weighs 14.4kg.

Physique Portable Couches

Features of both Physique Portable Couches...

Both have an aluminium frame so you’ll benefit from the quick and easy height adjustments positioned on the legs.

You can simply adjust the height at the push of a button from 61-81cm using the telescopic popper mechanism with 8 height intervals. If you’ve ever used a wooden table you’ll know what an advantage this is, with no need to play around with time consuming and awkward spindles.

And as if that wasn’t enough… They also come with a face cradle and arm extension so your clients can lay face down comfortably. Quick and easy to assemble with an angle adjustment to suit all clients.

It slots into either end of each couch and is neatly stored inside the couch when folded, using the hook and loop fasteners on the underside of the base. On the Physique Therapy couch, you can also slot this into the underside of the backrest, giving your patient a head rest when they are tilted up. I know we really did think of everything…

Physique Couch Carry Bag

You’ll also benefit from the hardwearing vinyl that is featured on all our portable treatment furniture. We understand how demanding the environments can be where you work, so having a resilient material that can be exposed to the elements and will not split from a bit of rough and tumble is exactly what you’ll get. 

Finally, we’ll also throw in a Free Carry Bag. Obviously, it’s not just any old carry bag, over time we’ve realised the tricks of the trade to produce the daddy of all carry bags. Reinforced base to prevent unpleasant holes appearing, slightly oversized for an easy and comfortable fit for your couch.

Stronger and more reliable zips that won’t fail when you need them most, shoulder strap that now travels over the top from one side to the other instead of from end to end, making your task of carrying even easier.

We’ve also added an external pocket so you can fit some of your essentials, couch roll, bolster cushion, massage oil, pack of hobnobs or whatever else takes your fancy…

Massage Chair

They may look like something that would be more at home in a torture chamber, but please don’t judge on appearance. The practicality of having a patient in a seated position, where areas including the back, shoulders and neck can be effortlessly reached, are a huge benefit for the therapist.

Physique Therapy Chair

Physique Therapy Chair

  • Weighs only 8.4kg
  • Comfortable for all size patients
  • Dimensions 125h x 46w x 75d 

Our portable therapy chair is extremely comfortable for the client and you can carry out a variety of treatments at ease including, massage, spinal treatments, shiatsu, acupuncture and even tattooing.

Weighing in at only 8.2kg, you can be confident the Physique Therapy Chair will stand the test of time. The solid aluminium frame and extra-thick cushions are suitable for all shapes and size of patients.

You can simply adjust the seat, knee-rest, arm-rest, chest plate and face cradle, to get the perfect fit for your client. For the taller patients, you can even pop the face cradle up to get that extra height when you need it.

Physique Therapy Chair

Our main aim with the Physique Therapy Chair was to find you a solution that provides extreme comfort for your patients, as well as simple size adjustment. It’s mainly mobile practitioners that use the chair, so creating you something compact that can easily be set up and folded away was crucial. We’ve achieved this without sacrificing strength and durability.

On some other chairs on the market, we’d noticed the vinyl would wear away after a short period of time. Again, as with our portable couches, we made sure you get a resilient vinyl that can easily be wiped clean and will not perish from continual use and exposure to massage oils and lotions etc.

With the Physique Therapy Chair, you’ll also get a sturdy carry bag with a comfortable shoulder strap and handles. There’s a bit of extra room once the chair is folded inside should you need to pop a couple of extra items in...

What you'll get from Physique...

We’ve been selling treatment tables and furniture for over 18 years, we also have a team who wouldn’t like to admit a combined experience total nearer triple figures… As you could imagine we’ve seen a lot of tables over the years and learned what works and what to avoid.
You’ll notice our range features aluminium frame furniture. As pretty as a wooden couch can appear, the practicality, reliability and strength can be a real downfall. We’ve had samples of a wooden couch split in front of our eyes when we were simply folding it out.

  • 2 year warranty
  • Technical department onsite
  • Designed for professional use

We believe the price of our therapy furniture is well worth the investment. Ok, so we’re a bit more than what you might find elsewhere, but you’ll go through several other couches before ours show any signs of needing to be replaced.

We have honestly sold thousands of our couches and only a handful have been a problem. We have a technical department to check each item we send out and on the extremely rare occasion of a problem, we’ll rectify any issues swiftly and professionally. You’ll also get the assurance of a 2-year warranty with all of our portable items. 

Let's make your job easier...

Our team at Physique are always looking at ways to make your daily treatments even easier.

Have a look at these great ideas that are very popular with our customers.

Physique Couch Transporter
Physique Couch Transporter

If you have a bit of a hike from the car or train to where you'll be doing your treatments, then you'll love this handy couch transporter. 

Ideal for any mobile therapist the Physique Couch Transporter will take a portable table up to 70cm wide and 21cm deep. Simple to fold up and down, lightweight and securely holds your couch in place, even on rough terrain.  

Paper Towel Roll Holder
Paper Towel Roll Holder

Just because you're on your travels doesn't mean you can't still have the little added luxuries. Our Paper Towel Roll Holder quickly and easily dispenses your couch roll so you can focus on the treatments. 

Simply attach it to the end of your Physique portable couch. It's lightweight and folds flat to fit nicely in your carry bag.

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Our therapy furniture range also includes all the essentials for your treatments.

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Featuring hydraulic and electric therapy tables and couches of all shapes and sizes.

You can design your customised couch with our easy to use online order system.

If you have any more questions you would like answered on any of our products please email or call us on 02392 471346.

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