Physique Saddle Stool

Physique Saddle Stool
Physique Saddle Stool
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What is the Physique Saddle Stool?

The Physique Saddle Stool is a comfortable seating option which helps to provide support to your legs and spine, reducing joint and muscle pressure, making it perfect for sitting and standing up frequently when you work throughout the day with patients. 

The comfortable swivel seat rotates 360° and with the soft polyurethane wheels the saddle stool manoeuvres smoothly over hardwood floors and carpets. 

Fitted with high-density comfortable foam and covered in a hard-wearing durable waterproof vinyl upholstery, the saddle stool will help to keep you comfortable during treatments.

Featuring a working weight of 135kg/300lbs, the Physique Saddle Stool is a robust, strong and durable stool suitable for many uses and settings.

What can I use the Physique Saddle Stool for?

Equipped with smooth-rolling wheels and a single lever height control, ranging from 45 to 65cm, the Physique Saddle Stool makes a perfect accompaniment to your therapy couch and treatment room. Also ideal for use in a salon, tattoo parlour, spa or any setting which requires frequent sitting and standing. 

What does the Physique Saddle Stool do?

With its curved 45cm padded seat, the Physique Saddle Stool offers a comfortable solution that encourages positive postural position when delivering seated procedures.  

The saddle stool is fitted with a pneumatic lift mechanism, similar to an office chair, to easily adjust the height range of the stool from 45cm to 65cm. 

The hardwearing, soft wipe clean vinyl finish makes it suitable for environments where massage mediums and other liquids are frequently used. 

Key Features:

  • Aids correct posture
  • Hardwearing wipe clean vinyl finish
  • Comfortable with 45cm seating surface
  • Single lever height control with range from 45 to 65cm
  • Working weight of 135kg/300lbs
  • Perfect for a range of settings
  • Available in blue

Customer Reviews for Physique Saddle Stool

The saddle stool is incredibly comfortable and glides effortlessly across my laminate floor. Also provides perfect positioning to alleviate the strain on my aching back and hips.

Purchased for my daughter who has a ruptured disc. She can now sit at her computer and work instead of having to stand as sitting in her computer chair was out of the question, too painful..

Excellent Stool. I bought this as an experiment and alternative as an ordinary wooden chair/bar stool/sofa as all these were killing my back and coccyx after sitting for any length of time- I would be stiff and in pain after sitting and would not look forward to sitting down. This stool wowed and eased back pain immediately. It feels like my spine has room, it's straighter, my shoulders fall to the floor, i dont arch forward like in a chair, i breathe better, my posture is better while sitting l, and my bones just "spread out" and melt to the ground while sitting on the saddle stool. I bought another straightaway! Highly recommend

Highly recommend height adjustable therapy stool.

Stool is brilliant, can't say the same for the courier service

The stool is well made, easy to slot together (wheels already attached on arrival) and delivery was very fast and efficient. Having said that, after using it for a few weeks I do find it a bit on the wide side and I have to confess I'm not that comfortable in it for long hours. I bought it to use at my desk for computer work and thought I might get used to it but I think it is better suited for less consistent use or simply someone with a different conformation to me - I am a 5'8" female and do already suffer from back pain which I thought this may ease, rather than exacerbate, but just haven't quite been able to get comfy in it. I am a horse rider which is why I chose a saddle style (am very comfy on horseback for full days). I have still rated the stool four stars as it is good quality and for people who suit its size and shape, or who need it for less hours, I think it is great value.

Reasonable price, quick delivery and seems good quality with well padded seat. Chosen for use at computer workstation to relieve arthritic hips. However, rather wide (as mentioned in other reviews) and tends to uncomfortably open out hips. More comfortable in reverse as sloping stool. Considering remounting seat with spacer to provide some tilt.

Great Stool. Well worth the money.

Really great stool, better than I thought it would be.

Great stool. Very substantial. Comfortable for correct posture. Glides around easily.

Great product, speedy delivery, well constructed

Fantastic saddle stool, incredibly comfortable and great quality. Also fabulous customer service (thank you Kim for your help and efficiency).

Highly recommended *****

Excellent company - quick delivery and staff very competent and friendly.

Great chair!!!! We got this for our Reception area at our Fitness Studio and it has worked out perfectly. It's comfy and really helps to correct your posture, especially through your thoracic spine. We can't recommend this enough for businesses who are looking for a comfy and supportive chair for their Reception areas. It is also value for money regarding the quality.

Great product

Early days still but the stool is as described and arrived swiftly. I had a little discomfort through my hips on the first afternoon but that has now completely gone and it's definitely stopped most of my slouching. Very happy so far.

Super comfy and very sturdy, just what I needed.

Very comfortable for my problematic SI joint and hip. I bought this because of the excellent reviews and haven't been disappointed.

Very good for my back.

Recommended by physio and exactly what was required.

Easy to assemble, should be a positive change to my office environment

Great stool, poor customer service.

Nothing wrong with the stool other than I realised after using it for a few weeks that it didn't go low enough. Frustratingly but understandably, as I no longer had the packaging, I could not return it. Fair enough.

However, I was very upset that the lady I spoke to about it hung up on me while I was in the middle of talking to her. I was polite throughout so there was absolutely no reason for this other than she was too busy to talk to me. So the low mark is for customer service rather than the quality of the stool.

It is a shame as this simple thing left me feeling unvalued as a customer.

Cracking stool. Much wider than I thought.... Think cob saddle rather than thoroughbred! Has really helped my back when working from home being chained to my desk.

This is my 4th stool to buy from this company. My staff love them and they seem very good quality. Reasonably priced compared to some

A as Keats delivered quickly

Fabulous stool, very comfortable. It was recommended to me by my osteopath who uses them in her practice and I am very happy with my purchase.

Good stool, very supportive and comfortable. Easy to clean the seat. Only downside is that the lever to rise it up and down is at the back of the stool and you have to stretch round to push the lever, usually these are to the side of the chair or stool. I replaced my old stool for more support but I find I have to stretch around to maneuver the seat during treatments and it is not ideal.

Great product. Really helping with my sitting posture. Good value for money.

Very fast delivery. By far the most comfortable saddle stool I’ve had. Easy assembly, very pleased, would recommend.

Perfect for sitting at my bench for making jewellery - I find this stool to be sturdily built, comfortable and it was easy to assemble with just three parts. Super fast delivery. I'm very happy.

Sat at my desk all day I was so uncomfortable with a good office chair, so I thought I would try this stool. It is very good quality, extremely comfortable and was a fair price. I have many back and hip sports injuries so I am thrilled to find this product.

Really comfortable with lots of padding on the seat. I’m a Nail Technician that’s sitting for long periods of time, so I was getting chronic back ache on my old chair. This stool helps immensely by keeping me in the correct position. Highly recommend.

I looked for ages for something like this but this was by far the best price for something with good padding and a gas lift. I didn't want to spend loads as I have never tried a saddle stool before. I was looking for a backward/forward tilt as well but actually don't think I need it having tried this. I use it for sewing as I couldn't find a chair that didn't make my back ache after an hour or so. This is great, much better position, although you do have to have it quite high to get you legs at the right angle so I may raise my machines. So far, much more comfortable for longer periods than an office chair. It is very wide as others have said but good quality and a good price.

This saddle stool is superior quality - in a completely different league to any office chairs I've purchased. It is extremely comfortable, and glides along the carpet with ease. Very good price for a product of this quality.

Brilliant product. Make u sit up properly x

This chair is perfect for my posture and has already made my lower back more stable. Although it is a much bigger saddle than I have seen on others.

Very comfortable

I've been using this product for two weeks now and am very happy. My job requires me to sit for hours at a time and I really needed something ergonomic after coming to a crunch point with my back! I considered a kneeling chair but eventually rejected it in favour of this stool as they are only intended for a couple of hours use at a time. The only thing that I could suggest to improve this product is that the upholstery is stapled underneath the seat and it would seem like a higher quality product if they had used studs or another way if securing it. Also some different colours or a leather option for the seat covering at an additional price would have made this perfect.But small things! Still happy to give 5 stars especially at the price.


Nice and padded. Well made. Unfortunately returned as the angle of the seat did not suit my lower back.

Very comfy stool, a little bit too wide but I guess this makes it so comfortable to. I used to get numbness on my leg after sitting for 30 mins or so on my other old stool whilst now those numbness disappeared.

You wouldn't say that it only costed approximately £ the feel, the look and the quality I would say at least £150...

I highly recommend it!

I was recommended this by my physiotherapist and it is a good product and helps me with my posture

Fantastic product. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Great service too!


Recommended by chiropracter for alternating use with height adjustable/standing office desk following back injury. Would highly recommend, completely different sitting position to standard office chairs, helping to maintain better posture during working day.

Takes a little bit of getting used to sitting on it, must not forget it is a stool and not a backed chair, but has made noticeable difference in helping my recovery.

A good quality product which has improved my posture and lower back ache instantly.

Recommended by health professional and does the job. Great product.

Glides over carpet, tile and wooden floors,, very comfy,,

Fantastic stool, I'm chuffed! Using for home working now. Much less back pain. Stool has a very wide and very padded seat which is great, though if you're not used to the position it may take a little time getting used to it.

I don't think ill be without one of these now and the only annoyance is that my kids keep stealing it to spin across the kitchen!

Great stool. Just found out I have a bulging disc in my lower back which is causing terrible nerve and back pain. This stool is helping me to actually sit and relieve some of the pressure off my back. It was easy to put together and very light so I can move it around the house to where I need it!

Very good padding but it does demand a very wide sitting stance, would be better if there was a slightly narrower option.

Bought two saddle chairs, delivered the next day which was excellent. So far, so good. Very comfortable.

Love this stool. I feel less fatigue doing treatments and my back is more supported. So comfy.

Fantastic product. Sturdy, comfortable, easy to put together, already came with the wheels attached, speedy delivery. What's not to like? I may even buy another to use in front of the computer!

One week in and it’s already making a difference. I am desk bound 3 days a week and have hip problems. It is taking time to get used to but my hip is already less painful on standing after a day at work and I feel it’s also helping my posture generally at my desk. Really comfortable seat. Great piece of kit. Would recommend

Pleased with purchase, the stool seems sturdy and moves well on the castors.

The seat is quite wide, which is ok for me, (5 ft 7 tall)

Stool came very quickly. Well packaged so no problems with condition. Simple as pie to put together. The saddle seat is slightly wider than I anticipated but was forewarned after reading other reviews before buying. The seat feels very sturdy; it’s comfy due to it being well-padded and can spin around without making a sound. Another plus, the stool is very light and therefore easily glides long the floor yet remains totally stable.

Great purchase.

I’ve been using this stool for almost 2 years to wfh at a pc. Abso no back or shoulder pain, unlike the chairs I’ve used in the office … maybe a tad ironic as it was originally purchased for an osteopath to use in clinic! Not good for generating osteo business !!

Still looks good as new. A friend has purchased one on my recommendation to use when she is making her art. Another is also considering as her wfh chair.

We now have three of these in our workshop from Physique. It’s perfect for our work because we need to work at different levels. We also need to move around the furniture and so the wheels are great.

This is great , firm padding your bum gets use to it and the chair makes me hold my core shows how lazy i was getting.

Happy with my saddle stool, which feels just right for protecting my back!!

Great product, exactly what I needed, arrived when it said it would, very informative through transaction

Very quick delivery and very easy to assemble. Therapists really like this stool

Easy to assemble, comfortable and keeps me sitting in a more neutral position. Definitely recommend!

I am pleased with the saddle stool as I like the big saddle as it helps me to sit correctly. However, the lowest setting isn’t low enough for working on feet. It is perfect for working on hips and above.

Very comfortable, easy to assemble. I needed some therapy chair to release my back pain during treatments. This seems to work so far, but I'm still a new user of this saddle chair. It's quite large so will accommodate even bigger bums!

Sadly the stool was much to wide for me and had to be returned. It was though, very well made and the delivery and after service from Physique was excellent.

The chair was exactly as described, easy to assemble and very comfortable.

Communication about the despatch of the product was clear, and it arrived before the original date provided.

Excellent service from Physique once again.

Quality item delivered in super quick time! Very happy thank you

Really comfortable and I can feel an instant improvement in my posture when sitting at my desk

Solid, comfy, does the job x

Love this chair. So comfy I got it to do manicures and I feel very comfortable. Service was absolutely fantastic too.

Excellent value and well made

2nd one I’ve purchased.

Loving my new Physique Saddle Stool , prompt delivery. Very comfortable.

Arrived quickly. Very comfortable, love it.

The saddle was so wide it was really uncomfortable for my narrow hips.

Excellent product at a very good price promptly delivered.

The Physique Saddle Stool is perfect for my Soft Tissue Therapy Studio; in fact I have two of them. Such a quality, comfortable item & with excellent, prompt delivery. I would definitely recommend this product for any salon or clinic. So Easy to construct too.

Excellent service, and a great product. It's really helped my posture, and is very comfy to sit on. I thought the issue with my set up at home was the height of my desk, but it was really about my chair and the its height.

Bought this chair to help with the back pain as I am working from home. Really comfortable. Very happy with the purchase.

Quality product. The seat is well padded. it's taken a few days to get used to it. I'm 5'2" so was a bit concerned it would be too high but it's great

I'm pretty happy with the stool for this price point.

It's very padded and comfy for several hours which is what I wanted so that's great. It also feels nice and sturdy and it was easy to put together.

For me personally, I'm quite petite so it's actually a bit big for me. It's likely better suited to someone taller than 5'4" who has much longer legs!

It also doesn't have any forward tilt which I find helps you to stay upright (because normally when you lean forward too much the saddle chairs shoot backwards and you fall off them :D ) so I am missing that.

As other people have mentioned, the height adjuster is around the back but once I had the height set I haven't needed to fiddle with it mich so that isn't an issue for me.

Amazing value for money!

Bought this chair as I study from home now, long hours in front of the screen. Wanted a chair similar to what I had when working in the dental surgery, but couldn’t afford the £400-500 they cost. My lower back pain is gone, I can move around on it. The only thing I had to do, maybe it’s my height, is that I had to extend my table’s feet with about 12cm so I could get that tripod position in front of table, so comfortable...(instead of a pricey electrical standing desk, I bought £19 screw in wooden legs and put them to my ikea table ; ))

Thank you for the amazing product, arrived quicker than scheduled!

Really comfy seat and smooth swivel action.

Very nice fast and good condition

I love it!

It came very quickly. It was very easy to assemble. It is very comfortable and it looks great. Im delighted!

Exceeded my expectations!

very easy to put together. Very good quality.

This is an excellent product. Well made and supremely comfortable.

Great stool exactly what I needed

Well padded and comfy to sit in for several hours at a time. Easy to slot together, the castors and swivel work smoothly as does the gas lift. I have various back and pelvis injuries So have struggled home working in lockdown but this chair has definitely helped

Swift delivery, arrived within 48 hours.

Excellent quality stool for the price. Really promotes good posture and although i'm only using it a few weeks, have noticed an improvement in my back pain and sciatica. As it is like sitting on a saddle, you need to allow time for your hips to adjust to the position. I recommend gradually building up your tolerance to sitting on it.

Highly recommend for anyone who has to sit at work!

Very comfortable and flexible Perfect for massage and other therapies ..

I was pleased with the prompt delivery, this was an early Birthday present for my husband, who wanted a stool for working in the Garage at his bench, he also wanted a backless one & one that had adjustable height which was fulfilled, but this was a saddle stool which makes him sit correctly & also has helped his back. He’s very pleased with it & would recommend your service to anyone.

Underling of seat arrived ripped. Seat is a bit to wide to sit in, although maybe I need time to get used to. I think the angle should be tilted forward more.

Very comfortable

Great product good service in delivery was made to local pick up point very convenient for me. Thank you

Really sturdy and well padded seat. A lot better quality than I expected for the price. I use this for my home office and it’s great as fits under the desk as well.

Arrived quickly, a strong construction and very comfortable. I'm a first-time user and have been surprised at how quickly I've adapted to the stool. Couldn't go back

Good item for price, but the front feels too wide and the lever is located right at the back so it is difficult to reach and operate having to lean right back.

fabulous - got it for work , sit about 7 hours a day (up & down) very comfy.Looks smart

Have a history of lower back issues , after my first back @ work no pain in lower back .Now I need one for home.

Next day delivery. Great stool - so comfortable & feels like I’m sitting in the correct position with no back or shoulder ache at the end of the day.

Excellent chair and super quick delivery.

Fantastic chair. Has helped improve my posture and strengthen my back muscles. Soft texture of the seat and smooth functioning is inviting. Would surely recommend.

Next day delivery! Love the Saddle Stool. Its comfy and really supportive of my back. Good value for money. Good service. I would definitely recommend.


Very nice and comfortable; smart design and perfect for fitting into an area not really big enough for a proper office chair.

Very easy to assemble, and given that ease, it's extremely sturdy once assembled.

Got my saddle stool today. Absolutely happy with it. Fully support my back while I do treatments. Fast delivery. Thanks. Will definitely order again from here.

Really pleased with this stool which is very comfortable and will hopefully prevent me from slouching.

Exactly what we needed. Great well made product. Will be buying another!

Comfortable saddle stool designed to assist seated posture and presumably to prevent back problems - somewhat let down by the height adjuster being at the rear of the chair causing you to twist to reach it - making you vulnerable to injury! Spoils what is otherwise a great stool for the price

Very comfortable, nicely padded stool that improves my posture when I'm doing reflexology. I would have liked it to go slightly lower which is why I've given 4 stars but for the price it was a good buy.

Fast and efficient delivery, easy to put together, very comfortable. The only thing is the instructions state the handle should be on the right hand side and mine is at the back of the seat so a bit awkward to use but ok once the seat is at the right height.

This stool is worth every penny. I did consider going for a cheaper option and I'm so glad I didn't. It's very comfortable, extremely well padded (which was what put me off the cheaper models) and encourages correct posture.

Perfect in every way! Happy customer. :-)

Excellent product well packed on delivery

Received this chair less than 24hrs after ordering. Delivered via DPD so always great to get a time slot for delivery. Packaged well. Really impressed with the comfort of this chair. Really nice seat, feels like a gel seat! Fantastic value for money, we have ordered 3 in total. Used in a tattoo studio for artists to sit on whilst tattooing clients. Does the job perfectly. Thanks!!

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