Physique Massage Lotion

Physique Massage Lotion
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Physique Massage Lotion

Physique Massage Lotion features an oil-rich formula specifically designed for extended massage and provides excellent lubrication. Perfect for all types of massage including sports massage, it's an exceptional lotion which may be used to help stimulate recovery and restoring the muscle’s normal activity. 

Our lightly oiled lotion is ideal for long gliding massage strokes to give your patient the perfect treatment, even where hairy skin can be a real challenge. Physique Massage Lotion gives complete control without the drag or tackiness that can limit workability.

Even with the blend of oil with lotion, Physique Massage Lotion is non-greasy, easily washable and leaves no stains. Therapists particularly enjoy the ease of keeping clothes, towels and covers clean from stains that can be found with typical massage oils.

Ideal for all massage treatments, Physique Massage Lotion features a pleasant yet neutral hypoallergenic perfume.

  • MASSAGE | A popular massage lotion for massage, perfect for extended massages and hairy skin
  • SPORTS | Ideal for manipulation massage techniques of the soft tissue (muscle) in order to prevent or improve sports injuries
  • SPA | Used for massage, relaxation and skin care

Enriched with Aloe Vera, Camomile, Vitamin E and Allantoin, Physique Massage Lotion is dermatologically tested and extremely kind to skin.

  • Superior massage lotion giving you and your clients exceptional results
  • Our lightly oiled lotion is ideal for long gliding massage strokes to give your patient the perfect treatment
  • Great for all types of massage, including sports massage and also where hairy skin can be a real challenge
  • Easily washable and leaves no stains. Physique Massage Lotion features a pleasant yet neutral hypoallergenic perfume
  • Free from parabens and not tested on animals

If you purchase a box of 6, your order will come with a free pump dispenser.

Paraffinum Liquidum, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Ceteareth-15, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Bisabolol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Panthenol, Parfum, Sodium Carbomer, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Limonene, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Geraniol.

Available in a convenient 1000ml bottle or 200ml bottle size.

Customer Reviews for Physique Massage Lotion

A good reliable product that I have used for many years and have had no problems with

A simply super perfect blend.. loved by athletes and non athlete clients alike.. liquid skincare in a bottle.. priceless

A good product for massage

Good product but smaller than I expected so I believe it to be overpriced

Very good, performs exactly as needed for professional massages

The pump is an essential accompaniment for the 1000ml bottle. In fact I don’t really understand why bottle is supplied with a cap rather than the pump.

I bought this because the Physique massage gel was out of stock. It’s fine, but, personally, I much prefer the gel, which is amazing!

Been using this massage cream for a long time. It hasn’t ever caused any skin issues for my clients, stays on the skin for just enough time/ doesn’t absorb too quickly & has no fragrance.

I've used this lotion for many years.

Good product

Finally my towels doesn't stink at all, like it does from Grapeseed Oil.

Grip lasting very long time.

Also very easy to wash away from skin, not like oils.

Lovely to use

Perfect massage cream. Very good value buying 3 for 2.

The lotion is well worth it and the clients agree too

Best massage lotion!

Great product at a good price.

Amazingly quick delivery with no fuss.

This will be my go to lotion from now on.

very good product not greasy at all

Great product, prompt delivery.

Very good product and lotion

Very effective - starts as a white lotion and becomes like a clear oil. Works well with the mushroom hot stone.

Great product, would love to buy in 5 litre size like some of the other lotions!

I have used this product for years best in the market

Excellent product this is a repeat order.

Great product

Love this for my business.

Good product, I have used it before. Easy to order and quick to arrive.

Been using this for years. Non greasy but not too runny and doesn’t dry out. Good for sports and general massage alike. Excellent for office type massage.

Also wayyyyy cheaper than premax etc

Good massage lotion that i always try to have in stock. Useful size too.

Best massage lotion I’ve used!

Great product ,improves as you use it on the skin & essential kit if you are mobile or giving for demos too!

10 out of 10 !!

Does the job well but does seem to absorb a little so needs reapplying

Great product, easy to use and massages well into the skin. Highly recommend

Purchased for our client. Quick delivery and easy to use website.


The best

Great product, exactly as described.

I always use this lotion and over a 10yr + period have had no adverse reactions to it. However it is not suitable for eczema.

Great recommended

Great product and always use it as I find this better for deep tissue treatments.

Great product, have used this lotion for a long time. Good consistency and glides well on skin.

I’ve been using this product for 10 years.

Good product but it was sold as multiple smaller bottles which would have suited me better

This is the second time ive bought this product from Physique and it's now my go to massage medium!, its great for my clients and good to my hands!, a big plus is that I needed a delivery of it just after Christmas(30th) but before the New Year! and you came through...thank you for that! . Donald Smith MFHT.

Second purchase of this product that was recommended by my physiotherapist. Gives a very smooth surface for massaging and generates heat at the end.

The addition of a pump on this product makes the process much easier.

Really good product and pleased with it.

Great product, especially on clients with hairy legs! Nice scent too.

This actually is a great product; clean, smooth and precisely what i needed.

Great product, a little goes a long way. Smell is pleasant and not over powering.

This is a really good lotion, i have found a little goes a long way, great glide and pleasant aroma to it.

Great service, as usual

Gives good slip

great product for small areas massage, like feet and hands

Superb company with excellent sports therapy related products! Never dissapoint, always helpful with very fast service!

Massage lotion in this case - have ordered multiple times - the big 1000ml is very useful, comes with a pump. No spills, great for hairy people or people or sensitive skin... Have been buying for years and not planning to stop - Thank you!

I recently received my Massage Lotion 1000ml, as soon as I used it I knew I was onto a winner!, great glide with no loss of grip, lovely aroma and not sticky , kind to my hands too and it came with the pump attachment so I can control the amount dispensed...a little goes a long way! , economic and brilliant for use on female/male clients who have body hair as the issue of friction is minimised...will most definitely be ordering more of this product from yourselves ! .

Donald S. Smith MFHT.

Have been using this lotion for many years as a sports massage therapist, have tried many brands but keep coming back to this one. Easy to use, light - non greasy, nice delicate fresh smell. Would recommend.

Love this massage lotion. Switched from the massage oil recently. Provides excellent glide and allows good purchase when releasing trigger points.

Nice aroma and clients like it also. Moisturises the skin well and easily washes out of towels. Great value for money

Very pleased with this product. Pleasant scent and very nice to use without being oily.

Prompt delivery.

Product - lotion great although pump action doesn't work smoothly.

Excellent delivery was rubbish..but products superb

Not tried this yet, but I am sure it will be good!

Lotion as always is excellent.

Not hugely greasy but a very good lubricant.

Purchased this after reading amazing reviews. It came with a pump but no straw so the pump is useless, I have to tip the large bottle in front of my clients which is quite embarrassing. I also find that you need to use an awful lot of the lotion per client; it initially massages into the skin well, then it becomes really thick and sticky so I have to work extremely hard, then eventually it becomes nice and oily and easy to massage with. It’s defo not for me.

product itself is very good, great glide, nice scent but no pump matches ! no pumps available on the website either... too bad, as you'd expect that it's obvious you will need a pump to 1L huge bottle to make your work easy instead of squeezing the lotion out each application.....

Nice massage lotion. Highly recommend

Great product... does the job really well and smells lovely

I’ve used this product for a long time. It seems to last forever and the job perfectly. The cost looks a lot but because of its longevity it is really good value for money.

It does what I need it for

Love this product!!! Ordered 4 bottles and placing another order now. Soaks smoothly into the skin, doesn't leave stains or greasy touch. Smells gentle freshness. Honestly, it is brilliant for long massage sessions!!!!! Finally, I found my lotion!!!!!!

Beautiful texture! Excellent product for long massage sessions. Soaks nicely into the skin. No odour. Love it!!!ordered 4 l and planning to get some more.

Great massage lotion, not too greasy, just correct consistency . Works well

Love this product!

Fantastic product. Not oily at all

Great product! Perfect consistency. We wouldn't order anything else.

great product

I love that this is the basic lotion, it absorbs really well, does not leave a greasy residue or feeling. None of my clients have a problem with it, in fact a few have asked what it is as they like it. The simple things in life...

Best massage cream I’ve used. I stick to this year in, year out. Provides enough glide but cleaner to use than oil. Nice clean smell too.

Fab as always!

I absolutely love this lotion for my clients. I am unable to use oil due to the fact it upsets my skin.

This lotion is brilliant, smells great and has superb glide! Especially on those hairy men.

I only have one problem and that is getting the last bit out of the huge bottle, I end up cutting it open and scraping the huge amount left in the bottle out!

I was initially worried I wouldnt like this as it had a slightly sticky feel to it but now having tried it for a massage and also on someone who was extremely hairy, I'm pleased to report that the glide really lasted! I did have to top up but no more than usual and was really pleasantly surprised.

I have previously been mixing various different products but this may well solve my problem and be my new go-to massage lotion.

The bottles are not very big though and so won't last long, so would like to see in a 500ml container for refilling in the future.

Very good I am pleased with this product would buy again

Great product that is non greasy And very easy to use . Great value too.

Best massage cream ever

Great product, very nice smell to.

Good lotion with a descrte and pleasant smell.

Have used many products. But always find this one to be the best. For both me and my client's

I love this product. I trained using it and have used it ever since. All my clients have liked it. I’ve got the oil just in case but I always go to this as it doesn’t absorb into the skin too quickly and it helps glide over clients with hairy legs. Would definitely recommend. Also Physique deliver so quickly, if I’m running low I know It’ll arrive in the next two or three days.

Excellent product

Great product at a great price. My go to for sports massage

Too thick. Feels like sunscreen

Never been a fan of lotions but this is brilliant. Doesn’t dry up and you jay need a small amount. Will recommend and purchase again!

Good price and seems to apply well to a variety of skin types

I have been using Physique massage lotion for many years working in the industry as a soft tissue therapist. I have tried several different types in the marketplace from time to time, however my patients have given really great feedback to the Physique lotion and I now use no other!

Excellent product, it has taken me a while to find a lotion that is a suitable price and that also provides a brilliant glide.

A pump bottle would be more useful but the lotion is easily transferable into another bottle.

Would be handy if sold in a 3Ltr size as a student sports therapist 1ltr doesn't last very long.

This works well on the majority of clients I've been treating. It smells pleasant, glides well, and leaves the skin nice and soft without that greasy feeling.

As a sports massage therapist, I find this product one of the best on the market.

Lotion is excellent quality and long lasting. The only comment I have is that your packaging tends to be rather over the top. This small bottle arrives in a huge parcel with layers of bubble wrap and worm filling surrounding it! You may be able to have a lower delivery charge if the packaging is less extensive. However, the product always arrives in a good state and in a quick time which is hugely helpful.

Good as ever. Easily the lotion of choice.

Really good quality lotion and the price is really low. Definitely recommend it.

Beautifully soft & silky, unfortunately my girlfriend is sensitive to all oils I have tried, so my masseuse gave me a small quantity to try. Bingo! No reaction whatever, her skin is softer & more supple and it is a pleasure to massage with the lotion far less mess and staining if spilled. Definitely a fan!!

Good lotion to use for an easy glide

First time using this multi purpose massage lotion and it is escellent every day product providing a nice glide, not greasy and fresh subtle scent which i hadn't anticipated!

I love this product. Great to use, smells nice and not oily. It used to come in a pump dispensing bottle. Wish it still did. Not having a pump dispensing bottle is a real faff!

this product has unbelieveable tekkers

Wonderful product.

The best I've used so far - not sure how it's taken me so long to find it.

No staining of clothes or couch covers/sheets

Effortless glide - brilliant.

Clients love the smell and feel of their skin after a treatment.

They often take an egg cup full home - small pleasure but worth it!

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