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Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil 500ml

Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil 500ml

Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil 500ml

  • Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil 500ml
  • Water Dispersible Massage Oil

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Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil

Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil provides you with exceptional glide, an uplifting citrus aroma as well as looking after your towels and couch covers.

A superior massage oil… with none of the mess.

Unlike many other types of massage oil Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil has the ability to simply rinse off skin, clothes, towels and covers.

Now you can perform the massage and just rinse your hands in running water to remove the massage oil residue.  It's that easy… Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil will also eliminate most staining on clothing or skin, unlike conventional massage oil.

Massage therapists often struggle to keep their towels fresh and oil-free after regular use. Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil is the practitioner's choice as it washes out easily, leaving no unpleasant odours or massage oil residues. No longer will you need to use harsh detergents, helping to prolong the life of your treatment towels and couch covers, as well as enhancing your client's enjoyment.

Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil is a Soybean Oil featuring vitamins A, B, D and E with skin-nourishing minerals. Containing Coconut Oil which prevents the oil blocking skin pores and improves glide. The citrus fragrance also provides an uplifting and energising aroma.

Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil

  • Light with a non-sticky texture
  • Wipes or rinses away easily
  • Softening and moisturising on the skin
  • Exceptional glide with uplifting aroma
  • Cold-pressed carrier oils with added oil dispersant and anti-oxidants

Key ingredients:
Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Laureth-4, Parfum (Fragrance), Limonene, Retinyl Palmitate, Citral, Linalool, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Farnesol, Geraniol.

Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil is available in 500ml and 5 litre size.

Shelf life of Physique Water Dispersible Massage Oil is more than 30 months (2.5 years) when stored in a cool, dry and light protected environment.

Customer Reviews

I love this oil! it's not too greasy, clients like the refreshing citrus scent of the grapefruit it washes out of towels/clothing easily.

Mrs Nichola Smith MSTA MFHT
27 March 2017

Have now bought several of these for my massage therapist to use on me.

Gives good enough grip for effective massage but "slippery" enough to not pull hair!

Absorbs easily and excess wipes off easily too so clothing doesn't stick for the rest of the day. Washes out of towels etc with no left over smell of oil.

Highly recommended.

Mr Jonathan Davies
07 August 2016

This is my go to oil for Sports Massage, some oils are absorbed or wear off far too quickly but even small amounts of this go a long way. Smells lovely and glides really well. All my clients love it too.

Mr James Rogers
08 June 2016

Excellent product. I use specifically for work with swimmers, as it literally rinses off and allows a quick return to the pool.

Nice fragrance and great to work with.

My only complaint - the bottles/lids leak. The first one I bought came with a lid that sealed (as with the sports cologne), but subsequent bottles have not and they are difficult to transport to events, as they leak at the slightest movement. If it wasn't for this, I would give it five stars.

Andrea Perry
24 September 2014

Reply from Physique:
Thanks for the review. Since your feedback we have changed the lids so they are much more secure. There should be no more problems of leaking bottles.

Excellent oil. Smells nice and most of all comes out of sheets with no problems at all! This is why I bought the oil for as was having terrible problems with grapeseed base. I would however say that you do need just a little more oil during treatment as does dry quicker.

Anton Thompson
29 July 2013

In a word "Beautiful". Lovely fragrance to keep me and my clients happy and works like a dream. Cleanest oil I've found, and will save money on less washing powder used to get the sheets clean.

Brian Kibble
22 March 2013

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