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The WaveStone

  • The WaveStone
  • The WaveStone on a Calf Muscle
  • The WaveStone on the Chest
  • Wavestone at London Welsh
  • Wavestone at London Welsh
  • The WaveStone

The WaveStone

The WaveStone Therapist Kit
  • WaveStone × 2
  • WaveStone Water Container
£119.99 inc. VAT
In Stock
WaveStone Additional Stone
£70.00 inc. VAT
In Stock
WaveStone Replacement Water Container
£4.99 inc. VAT
In Stock

A radical sports therapy tool that will change the way massage treatments are administered. Over 5 years extensive design and development, it's unique and ergonomic shape, replaces conventional massage tools. Carved by hand from solid Jade, which has the ability to retain extreme Hot and Cold temperatures in a matter of seconds…. and maintain it for up to 15 minutes!

  • Stimulates the circulatory system and promotes self-healing
  • Softens and relaxes the muscles
  • Helps to release toxins from the muscles
  • Helps relieve pain and muscle spasms

Carved by hand from solid Jade it has the ability to reach Hot and Cold temperatures in 60-90 seconds…. and maintains it for up to 10 minutes!

The WaveStone also benefits the Therapist:

  • It reduces stress and strain on the therapist’s hands, wrists, and arms so that the therapist can work longer and more efficiently. 
  • The stones do the heavy work, reducing stress and strain on hands, wrists, and arms, so allowing longer and more efficient treatment sessions.
  • It also assists in applying more pressure when and wherever needed

Conditions that can be treated with the WaveStone:

  • Shin Splints 
  • Achilles Tendonitis (ankle pain)
  • Plantar fasciitis (foot and arch pain)
  • Cervical Sprain/Strain (neck pain)
  • Lumbar Sprain/Strain (lower back pain)
  • Muscle Sprains and Strains Muscle Spasms
  • Medial / Lateral Epicondylitis (Golfers/ Tennis Elbow)

WaveStone Therapist Kit

  • To deliver seamless treatments we recommend The WaveStone Therapist Kit, supplied with two WaveStones and a water container.

WaveStone accessories available

  • Additional Wavestone
  • Replacement water container

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The WaveStone

A demonstration on how to use the Brand NEW WaveStone!

Customer Reviews for The WaveStone

Bundle - WaveStone Therapist Kit

Brilliant piece of kit. Clients love them hot too!

Shaun Whiting
14 May 2021


The WaveStone

Thank you very much to Wavestone for offering a thorough demonstration of how to utilise the benefits of the product. We had been using the tool in the club for a few months, however having Adrian demonstrate in person provided a far better overview of how to maximise the benefits of the product including its hot/cold properties. We will certainly be integrating the use of the Wavestone more into our practice at the club and the feedback from players to date is positive.

Georgina Ewer, Head Physiotherapist - London Welsh RFC
02 December 2015

The WaveStone

Since completing the Wavestone Clinical course I have introduced this massage tool into my treatments as it is not only an excellent way to warm up the targeted muscle (or muscle group) but can be used for effleurage, trigger point work, muscle stripping and many other techniques. All of this as well as helping prolong the working life of the therapist. What's not to like?

Tessa Glover, Sports massage therapist
16 September 2015

The WaveStone

Absolutely brilliant tool. I wish I'd had this years ago.

Mrs Angela Almond
12 September 2013


The WaveStone

I bought the wavestone at the SMA conference last week, where Adrian did a really nice demo on the product, I told him I use the jack knobber and index knobber and always wondered why there wasn’t a product with a larger surface area? I was also amazed on how quickly it heats up in just hot tap water! This had a lot of boxes ticked for me!

I have used it on two clients now who both really enjoyed it, especially around the scapular and lower back region, I plan on introducing this to a few more clients over the coming weeks.

Sarah Phillips
07 June 2013

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