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Songbird Herbal Lift Massage Wax

Songbird Herbal Lift Massage Wax

Songbird Herbal Lift Massage Wax

  • Songbird Herbal Lift Massage Wax
  • Songbird Herbal Lift Massage Wax 350g
  • Songbird Herbal Lift Massage Wax 550g
Herbal Lift Massage Wax 100g
£8.39 inc. VAT
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Herbal Lift Massage Wax 350g
£19.99 inc. VAT
In Stock
Herbal Lift Massage Wax 550g
£23.99 inc. VAT
In Stock

Herbal Lift harnesses the properties of herbs to create an uplifting blend of essential oils within the Massage Wax. The scent of the blend is intended to clear the mind and stimulate mental activity - to combat mental fatigue. Mental clarity, alertness and vigour restoration are associated with these oils.

Origanum adds a spicy element to the lively mix and creates an aroma jacket to hold in the herbal. You can get this herby undercurrent just under the spice and it makes for a wonderful olfactory journey!

Traditionally Rosemary is associated with memory retention and retrieval of stored memories via its scent.

This wax is often associated with therapeutic work involving fatigue and tiredness, such as exam times or when the client feels lacklustre and listless. 

Since the orginal Basil was replaced with Origanum, it is increasingly being favoured by men as well as women. It would be true to say that this Massage Wax has now come into its own...


Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Essential Oil of Palmarosa, Essential Oil of Origanum, Essential Oil of Rosemary, Essential Oil of Clary Sage, Arnica Flower Extract and Natural Vitamin E.

Citral, Geraniol, Limonene and Linalool are naturally occurring, declarable constituent ingredients of the relevant essential oils.

All of the Songbird products are 100% Natural and are IFRA and EU 1223/2009 compliant.

Customer Reviews for Songbird Herbal Lift Massage Wax

Fabulous refreshing, uplifting scent, easy glide, not too slippery to use pleasant for therapist and client.

Nichola Smith
03 May 2018

It is a very good product to work, The blend of various ingredients works really well once applied during the treatment especially for senior clients with dry, damaged or problematic skin conditions.

Ms Andrea George
10 March 2014

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