Actimove® Gauntlet Wrist and Thumb Stabiliser

Actimove® Gauntlet Wrist and Thumb Stabiliser
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New Universal Design to fit Left or Right Wrist 

Actimove® Gauntlet Wrist and Thumb Stabiliser

The Actimove® Gauntlet Wrist and Thumb Stabiliser provides wrist and thumb stabilisation while allowing the fingers to move freely. This wrist support contains two metal stays and provides a high level of comfort via its soft-foam Neoprene-free and Latex-free material. The Actimove Gaunlet Thumb and Wrist Stabiliser is a great wrist support for acute sports injuries, arthritis pain, severe injuries and post-operation care.

It is quick and easy to apply due to its internal sleeve and fits both left and right hands for a universal fit. The gauntlet is one of the best selling wrist supports available with so many beaming, positive reviews 

The wrist support can easily be transformed into a left or right wrist brace by simply switching the pocket that the metal bar sits in. There are very clear instructions included to do this and it only takes a few seconds.  If you are looking for support for Arthritis, this product is great for alleviating Arthritis pain but don't forget to check out Actimove's specially designed Arthritis Supports

The gauntlet is designed for injuries, arthritis pain and operation recovery; if you are looking for a wrist support more suitable for use in sports or workouts then please take a look at our Wrist Support Guide

Click Here for the Actimove Manus And Gauntlet Application Guide

Key Features:

  • Pain relief and healing are supported by stabilisation through the anatomically shaped stay of the Wrist Support 
  • MCP joint stabilisation through thumb stay while allowing full finger movement
  • Great comfort from the soft Latex-free material and contoured strap ends in the Wrist Support 
  • Can be worn on the left or right hand
  • Hand washable Wrist Support 

Indications include:

  • Osteoarthritis of the thumb
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-operative care
  • DeQuervain's tendosynovitis

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Size Guide - Measure around the wrist

Size Measurements Colour
Small 13cm - 15cm Black
Medium 15cm - 17.5cm Black
Large 17.5cm - 20cm Black
X Large 20cm - 23cm Black

*Unboxed Supports do not come with branded product packaging and are therefore sold at a discounted price

Customer Reviews for Actimove® Gauntlet Wrist and Thumb Stabiliser

Very good very strong but would of liked a bit more finger support for my injury otherwise great product ????

Ideal support to ease the strain on my wrist when the arthritis reminds me to slow down on the DIY!

I have had to use one of these gautlets before when I broke my thumb. I am now suffering from arthritis (or possibly carpal tunnel - yet to be decided!) and I find this very easy and comfortable to wear. It restricts the movement of my thumb and prevents my wrist from bending too. Both of these help to ease my pain. It is also helpful at night when I find I curl up my wrist a lot! Especially useful is that it can be worn on either hand - saves having to buy one for each hand!

Did the job perfectly


Have bought this sometime ago but lost it, so good to see it was still available. Great fit and very stable on the wrist.

Exactly the same one as the hospital issued for my daughters fractured thumb. Her fracture is healing so we know it's working.

Bought as a spare, so we could wash one while wearing the other.

Great price, arrived promptly.

Excellent piece of kit that does what it’s supposed to.

Exactly as described by the seller and delivered promptly.

Very comfortable, easy to fit, inexpensive and very quick delivery.

excelent service & product

Just what I needed and arrived within 24 hours of the order

Very good product. Received item within 2 days of order and kept up to date with the dispatch. Unable to find any problems with product or company’s customer service. Highly recommended them.

The product does what was needed.

It’s just a shame, that after being charged for quick delivery. It took about a week to receive it and I had to email yourselves and change the delivery address. Which wasn’t ver convenient

Very comfortable and doing the job I bought it for. A great improvement on the one I had previously, bought many years ago! Thanks

very good service

A well made product and good adjustment features.

Ordered this in Friday afternoon an it arrived by Saturday morning. For is comfortable .


Find the support is ok, and it's good you can wear it on your left or right hand. However the stitching is very poor quality it has started to come undone in a few places. I do not wear this gauntlet every day and so I thought it would last longer. Will buy elsewhere next time.

It greatly supports my wrist and helped my movement tremendously. I couldn’t be happier.

Really comfortable and supported my wrist very well compared to other products.

This is the second wrist support of exactly the same style I have bought. Works well and is comfortable easy to wash and even better can be used for both left and right handed with just a small movement of the metal splint. Very good

Took a bit of figuring out how to put it on the left wrist but this has been an absolute godsend!!! Cannot rate it enough!! 10/10

Easy to use website, quick delivery, pleased with purchase, would use again and recommend. Thank you

Very effective, easy to apply, brings relief from wrist/thumb pain

I received my item very quickly and was perfect for my needs. It was very comfortable, and it allowed me to continue working but without the pain.

I did have a small issue with the velcro and some stitching, so i had to contact customer service, which i have to say was excellent and resolved my issue with complete satisfaction within 48 hours.

Great support for my thumb and wrist and excellent value for money. Will definitely be ordering again from you

This brace is awesome the best one I found so far and have have five other brace’s this one by far the best one as it has the two support bars. I find it more comfortable on the left than the right wrist. I will be ordering a second as I need both wrist and thumbs supported it’s also comfortable between the forefinger and thumb where as my other brace’s rub and become sore I wish I could give it more stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!! there you go ten stars

Excellent product. Delivered the day after ordering, which fitted in with my tight schedule, as I was about to travel abroad. Great service.

It is working well my surgeon suggested this brand/type.

Terrible quality after a week of used it is unstitched and with holes that make a difficult function.

I marvelled at the immediate impact of the product. I’m annoyed at myself for taking so long to decide to buy and use the product.

It’s absolutely marvellous.

At first I was sceptical of buying a wrist splint, but I was in excruciating pain and decided to give it a go. I found this brand on google and based on the reviews I purchased it. I must say that it reduced my pain by up to 50% on the first day I wore and now my wrist is healing slowly. I highly recommend this product.

Was lovely to find somewhere that does small sizes . The delivery was very quick from the time I ordered , fits perfect for my needs . Would definitely order from this company again , if needed .

It’s really helped me with day to day activities. Shame it was delivered to the wrong house!!

Good reliable service as always, as I always buy from here

Great product for the price, but will probably need to get another in reserve as I'm awaiting a surgery date!

Excellent really helps my arthritis

Not as flexible as the sport version but perfect for days when arthritis really bad

Very comfortable to wear but I did find the instructions for changing from left to right a little confusing.

Great product and has helped with tendonitis in wrist and arm.

Would highly recommend.

Great splint with movable metal support .

I would highly recommend this splint !

Comfortable fit and helps relieve pain. Doesn’t make my hand really sweaty like others I have tried.

BEWARE!!! The product was okay but overpriced for what it was and too restrictive. The infuriating thing was that Physique charged me £4.99 for postage and packaging which was an extortionate amount considering the thumb splint could have easily fitted into a medium sized envelope and been sent second class via Royal Mail.

Instead it was packaged in a large box which included their very weighty sales catalogue which I hadn’t asked for - apparently I was supposed to tick a box on their website to indicate that I didn’t want this, this was not made obvious at all when I was making my order, and the parcel was then sent via DPD. So I felt this was a waste of my money, (their money as I put the catalogue straight into recycling) and all the other resources that were wasted in the process as well as the pointless damage to the environment from additional and unnecessary transport and packaging waste. When I rang up to complain they were polite but very unhelpful and unapologetic. I will not be using this company again. .

Great product, good quality.

Well thought out product that works well.

Excellent product. Perfect fit and my hand wrist and thumb feels so much better now that ive been using it.

The quality of the material is superb. Stitching is very good aswell and i know with all the stretching it will hold and last for a very long time. Im very pleased with my purchase.

Thank you

Excellent fit and very comfortable. Just what i needed i had tried a few others but they did not help at all. But this is perfect and does the job very well.

good brace. cheap but effective and good fit

Really excellent product just what I was looking for

Did just what I needed it to. Good service and price.

Have tried to wear this since the day it arrived - it is very painful on the knuckle of the first finger - unfortunately I do not find it very comfortable at all.

Very quick dispatch, will DEFINATELY be buying again when the next size is needed. I was kept updated with info re dispatch ect.

Thank you for the excellent service!!

Really good product received promptly and cost effective

Really pleased with the gauntlet. Keeps my hand very steady and reduces the discomfort.

Good product. I ordered the wrong size first time sent it back and got right very quick service

I find this very helpful but I tend to use it with only one metal strip for some jobs and without both metal strips for other jobs.

I LIKE this product it's really do the job properlly fixation Thumb and Wrist!!!

Very pleased with product and customer service due to late delivery.

Comfortable, fits well with good support . Thanks

It does exactly what it says on the packet. Most effective in stabilising the thumb joint which, in my case had been badly strained after tackling a heavy job in the garden. This is the second one we have bought from you and I would highly recommend it anyone.

The product is excellent, however I would have preferred it if it was available in left and right hand versions. The strap across the palm when used on the right hand is not ideal.

Excellent product and comfortable too. Has done the job I wanted it to do. Would recommend

This worked for about a week and then the Velcro lost its stick. The gauntlet kept loosening and then falling off, so it became useless. I’m now wearing a good old fashioned cheesecloth bandage.

An excellent product, great that it can be used right or left side. Comfortable and sizing is good.

I’m wearing this, day and night, for De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. It is greatly reducing the pain and improving my sleep. It’s well made and easy to use. My only negative comment is that the leaflet enclosed doesn’t match the product!

Comfortable to wear - does the job it is supposed to.

Excellent, helped my wife with her tendonits

Hope it would help others , worth the money

Really uncomfortable and badly made

Great product, very quick delivery, use on either hand. You can remove the palm support if you want to.

Good recommended product. Accurate fit and supportive enabling relief and healing.

Found the instructions a little confusing for changing hand but a quick google sorted that. Otherwise an excellent product. I accidentally put in the wrong postcode but Physique contacted me to sort out delivery. Couldn't ask for more.

Product is decent enough but supposed to be universal? May be so but I bought two as I've got trouble with both wrists & thumbs. The instructions that come with it are poor. I think I've got the right hand one fitting ok now but the left one, I can't fathom out quite how to interchange it to suit. At the moment it seems to sort of fit just about ok but when fitted on and with both hands side by side, the fittings & straps don't match up or may be I'm being thick?

Good quality product, fast delivery, excellent seller, thank you

all good thumb stabiliser and good services on all

Used to protect wrist fracture - really comfortable especially when worn at night.

I bought this to use for prevention not cure, having just recovered from a severely inflamed tendon caused by Handbell ringing. It works perfectly, helping me to avoid tendon problems when ringing!

Comfy and helps with pain and numb hands

On time and quick delivery. Kept me up to date on times be delivered

great support for my thumb which I could not get with other products I have tried

Brilliant fit and do the job!

A really comfortable support. Gave me confidence when using my wrist after a triple fracture once out of the cast.The thump stabiliser gives a lot of pain relief .

This is an excellent product which has almost cured my carpal tunnel without any other intervention. I can even sleep in it with no problems.

I’m very pleased with my purchase, This product does exactly what I need to support very arthritic thumb and wrist .

The worst possible wrist splint so uncomfortable after 1 night looking like garbage very very poor quality thanks god I bought just 1 to check

It seems like a good product, but I picked the wrong size. I have skinny wrists and thought small would be right for me, so returning.

Great product. It was what I needed. Ordered one day and delivered the next . Prompt service appreciated.

Fantastic product, really comfortable and alleviating the pain I have from De Quervain's Tenosynovitis in both wrists.


Brilliant . Perfect fit and my wring improved massively after months of tendinitis ….

great product.

Great product. Helped a lot for De Quervains Tenosynovitis. Kept the pain reduced. Comfortable. Well made.

Very good quality and has helped me manage to cope with the problems I have with my wrist and thumb.Can't fault the product the support it gives is great. Can recommend it

Great product, has been effective. Although I find the thumb area tends to rub .

Very good quality and has helped me manage to cope with the problems I have with my wrist and thumb.Cant fault the product the support it gives is great. Can recommend it

It’s good just does not do what I need to do

Very good product, it did the trick! Also very efficient company, the delivery was very prompt.

Quality product

Fitting instructions not clear, but I finally worked it out (instructions refer to higher and lower slots for the metal brace, but both slots at same level)

Fits well and does the job, however not very durable as holes over metal plates already.

Good product and well made it unfortunately it was a little too long in the forearm for me.

A wonderfully comfortable support, ideal for my needs. I had received something similar from the Hospital having broken my wrist and snapped a tendon in my thumb, so this is precisely what is required to support it. Well made, well packaged and speedily delivered. Many thanks - I would highly recommend this Company and their products to anyone.

Excellent service as I needed to swap sizes, great support from the stabiliser

It's exactly what I needed to relieve the pain in my arthritic thumb and wrist. I find it a bit tricky to put on unaided, especially since I need it on my right wrist and I'm right-handed.

Very good product and appropriate for my needs.

Just what I need and doesn't give me a rash


Great product but my fault I bought wrong thing!!

Does what it is supposed to do. Comfortable fit, good support and easy to convert for either hand. Arrived really quickly too.

I find that Actimove supports fit and support better than other brands I've tried as I have very slim wrists.

Good quality gauntlet at a reasonable price. Has made a big difference in the control of my arthritic pain in my right wrist and thumb. Used mainly at night it has helped towards my first unbroken sleep in ages…

It’s easy to put on, can be used for either hand and comfortable to wear.

I would recommend Physique to any one looking for the same or similar help.

I looked around for a long time to get the right support I needed for my arm, I am pleased to say I have this with this item at a good price with good service Thanyou.

Great product, well made and very comfortable.

Good product, easy to use

Perfect - well made, very protective and supportive of the wrist, with various ways to fasten around hand / wrist. All at a great price. Quality

Lightweight & breathable

Have worn this for a full 18hrs and no sweating at all, good level of restraint and comfortable.


Bought for my Husband, he said it definitely makes an improvement.

Really good support, comfortable but supports in the right places. I am a physio myself and was bought for my own use but good to know where to direct patients to in the future if they need this type of support.

A very quick and efficient service.

The garment is good and will hopefully help with the arthritis in my thumbs and wrists. I only ordered one, so may in the future order a second, as my left hand is almost as bad as my right. I know they are inter-changeable but it would be useful to wear both at the same time! Is there any discount for a second?!

Happy New Year

Fits very comfortable, helps to reduce the pain

Would highly recommend

Great wrist and thumb support much more comfortable than the One they gave me after my surgery. Better to sleep in too.

I ordered the wrong size it was too big for me . The product itself is very well made of good quality and worth the money

Great service. The first one I bought using their size guide was too small for may hand, so I swapped it for a larger size and Physique refunded me the first postage costs. The product itself is great, works very well and really stabilises the rest and thumb.

I had hoped the distribution would have delivered a pair, one for each hand, not two right handed ones? I ordered two thinking I'd get one of each and the right hand works well but I need one for my left hand too but cannot find it on the website?

This product is ideal for protecting thumb and wrist and easing pain in both.

Excellent quality and a keen price. Highly recommended.

Good product did more than I needed it for that’s not a bad thing

Would purchase from you guys again if needed

Really good yet gentle support. No edges that dug into the wrist/hand like other supports that I have tried.

Very comfortable to wear.

Great product

Perfect and exactly what my doctor advised me to get, and stops me overusing my right hand

Great splint, so much more flexible and comfortable than the one I got from the hospital.

Ordered medium which fitted perfectly. Well made and very supportive of my osyeoarthritic hand and thumb. Arrived within 2 days. Very pleased, would recommend. Thank you.

Very happy, good quality. Bit bulky on using at first but you soon get used them.

Excellent quality and not a bad price very happy

From the moment I started to wear the gauntlet the pain stopped and the injury started to heal. So much better than the support I was using before I found your site. The thumb support is particularly good as this means that the gauntlet does not put pressure on my arthritic thumb joint. It is so comfortable I can even wear it in bed. Converting the gauntlet to fit my left hand was so easy.

I am sure it will be useful but fitting it was tricky...I appear to have chunky forearms?!

Helped with the problem in my wrist. Good product & reasonably priced.

Quite good, but a somewhat strange fit.

Great product, really worth the money

Great product and excellent quality

Very, very good product which cured the problem in my wrist without medication.

Good product

Good product I wear it at night to ease the intense pain in my hand and am pleased to say it does seem to be easing things

Great, comfortable, easy to use, a bit on the cheap looking side but does works,noticed the difference in a few days,

Would recommend as it has helped me personally

Good experience from ordering to delivery

Comfortable to wear and relieved all discomfort. (People with narrow wrists and bulkier forearms may have to consider ordering one size larger than anticipated.)

Does as describes, though gets smelly quick.

I was suffering with severe pain in my hands at night due to carpal tunnel. Having to wait 3 months for a surgical review I purchased a actimove gaunlet. On wearing it the first night my sleep was much improved as the pain and pins and needles had gone. I now use it on alternate hands each night , and I am sleeping as normal ,

Didn’t expect such a good result, eliminates all pain at night 100% and comfortable too. Highly recommend.

Absolutely fantastic for dequervains. Good quality sturdy support with ultra fast dispatch and shipping times.

Quite fiddly to put on. Seems to be helping. But my issue is that a small glove was packed in a large box measuring 30 x 33 cm. and ‘total weight’ on the label stated 5kg. The box plus glove didn't even weigh 500grams.

Very quick delivery. Fits well and does give assistance to my arthritic hand and wrist

Excellent value exactly what I wanted, would recommend them , feeling the difference within a couple of days

Great product. Adapts to both hands. Comfortable and lightweight. Customer service second to none. Never dealt with a better company. Thank you.

Purchased on the advice of a physiotherapist as I have Carpal tunnel and arthritis, think it's helping

Excellent product and excellent service

Well made and sturdy. Surprisingly comfortable. After wearing it every night for a week there is improvement - less wrist and thumb pain and stiffness.


Excellent support but I had to over sew one section where stitching was coming undone. Velcro is not very good after a few weeks of wearing, which is a real shame. I may try and replace the velcro if u can as this gauntlet is expensive and I cannot afford to replace it every couple of months.

Good sturdy product for stabilising the thumb. Ordered small but was still slightly big.

Excellent product.

Good quality product.

I bought this as I have Arthritis in my wrist and thumb. I was surprised as to how good it is, it eases the pain and helps. Only thing, I find annoying with it is typing with it, as its a bit clumsy. It has given me some relief.


easy to fit to my hand size , comfy

So glad i bought this, i couldnt move my wrist but the Actimove wrist and thumb stabiliser has been a life saver for me. Highly recommend the product

Does help

Extremely happy with the wrist and thumb stabiliser

Great service


Super service

Thank you

Amazing, thanks. Works a treat for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I bought two stabiliser gloves ( for left and right hand and wrist) to help me do heavy work with my arthritic thumb joints and wrists.

They were just as I hoped . They fit very well and offer very good support. Because I have lumpy thumb joints I have had to remove the metal piece (restricting backward thumb movement) when I am gardening as the metal rubs the joint. Bending the metal a little helped make the lower joint more comfortable and I have asked my husband ( a great handyman) to cut the metal shorter for me for both thumbs so that it will not quite reach (and rub) the top joint.

The wrist support is very comfortable unless used for a long time doing physical work with my hands (such as planting trees). After prolonged use, the metal in the palm of the hand can become a bit uncomfortable.

All this said, I would not stop using these to help me with support when doing heavy work with my hands. They have been liberating as they give me the support tI need to do heavy work without prolonged pain in the joints afterwards.

Excellent quality and quick delivery. I have no issues recommending this company. Fantastic service !! Keep up the good work :)

Great, has really helped with my carpal tunnel. Is a very student wrist support.

Very pleased with this support. I have a small wrist but chose medium for a comfortable fit. Excellent delivery service. Probably the best one I have used so far .

A big help with the pain in my wrist.

This wrist support really helps with the pain and is very comfortable to wear .

The wrist and thumb support has enabled me to work and is a good product well designed

Can't fault it. Protected my damaged ligaments, held my hand firm and allowed me to work. Injury easing in spite of heavy workload.

An Impressive piece of kit and great value.

Highly recommend

Sorry but the support is rubbish only had it week and today had to stitch the support It is very thin just sponge sandwiched in material with no stitching. Not recommended sorry

Bought to treat a wrist sprain. Gives excellent support for the wrist and thumb. Contains a metal rod to maintain rigidity.

This product is excellent!

It arrived exactly when promised and from opening I could see it was a superior product

It is well made and adjustable which means I could get a perfect is very comfortable to wear and came with plenty of instructions for fitting and wearing.

I am impressed

I will not hesitate to buy further products

I haven't had it for long, but it seems to be having an effect already. My Doctor reccomended that I should get a wrist and thumb support with metal struts (as far as I can remember) and yours seemed to be what she meant so I ordered one. It arrived promptly and I am very pleased with it.

My husband is finding the product helpful whilst working. He has a broken wrist that needs good support whilst it heals.

Bought two of these for my husband. They are extremely well made and the metal support is really good and it really helps his carpel tunnel syndrome. These are the second set bought - would thoroughly recommend.

For my husband's arthritis is really supporting his wrist and helping to keep pain levels down. Very prompt service too, thanks

Item arrived really quickly. Gives some pain relief and lots of necessary support/restricted movement for a very painful condition.

Having recently had a op on my thumb the brace given by the hospital once out of plaster was not comfortable. Ordered from another company paid express delivery, never arrived. Contacted Physique and It arrived the next day. Love the fact that it can be used on either thumb as the other thumb will be done shortly.

Great service and great product.

Excellent support for both wrist and thumb.

The product, price and service were excellent. The catalogue is already being used by, and available to, other residents. Thank you.

Much better than the NHS issue version. Gives more support to my son’s broken scaphoid until he got a cast for his wrist

Ideal support for my arthritic librarian’s thumb.

I purchased two wrist and thumb stabilisers for both hands and very pleased with the product that arrived fast and efficiently.

Only used for short time but seems to do job ,helps with pain and discomfort in my thumb and palm from tendon it's, a little uncomfortable to wear when driving so only use at home,but maybe as I use it more it will get more comfortable for the price it's very good

It is exactly what I wanted to support my wrist and forearm as well as my hand and does it very very well. It is reducing my pain from osteoarthritis significantly

Very comfortable to wear and helping relieve thumb joint pain in

Very good and easing osteoarthritis joint pain. Comfortable to wear.

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