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Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping Best Seller
  • Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping
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Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

1.25cm x 13.7m
£1.31 inc. VAT
In Stock
£1.18 when you buy 32 or more
2.5cm x 13.7m
£1.79 inc. VAT
In Stock
£1.61 when you buy 48 or more
3.8cm x 13.7m
£2.64 inc. VAT
In Stock
£2.38 when you buy 32 or more
5.0cm x 13.7m
£3.35 inc. VAT
In Stock
£3.01 when you buy 24 or more

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Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide | FEEL RIGHT...FEEL READY!

Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide gives you that firm support for joints and muscles, providing restriction of movement or immobilisation, depending on the taping technique applied. This rigid sports tape is great for strapping the knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, wrists, hands and fingers, providing a strong and secure hold so you FEEL READY to perform.

Based on the original sports tapes that have stood the test of time, our Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide proves to be as popular as ever from amateur to professional sports. Extremely versatile and available in various widths that you can split even further to any size that FEELS RIGHT.

Our Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide is often used on its own or in combination with other tapes when you’re carrying an injury that needs protection - allowing you to play & train, sure in the knowledge that your body won’t let you down.

Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Why Tiger Zinc Oxide Strapping? 

Tiger Zinc Oxide Strapping is a non-stretch rigid tape, which offers excellent adhesion with an incredibly strong fabric that doesn’t compromise on comfort, allowing you to move more freely.

Designed with a unique blend of cotton and rayon viscose fabric, which offers extreme comfort and a superior level of support. Featuring serrated edges our sports tape is easy to tear both width and lengthways without the need for scissors, making it a perfect addition to any therapist or sport players kit bag.

Kind to the skin, the latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive holds to any part of the body and is tough enough to handle a variety of situations. With our zinc oxide tape, you can FEEL READY - knowing it will stay in place without slipping, allowing you to focus fully on your performance.


Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

What is it used for?

Depending on the application, Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping can be applied to either restrict movement or completely immobilise joints following injury.

With a strong hold, our z/o tape offers superior support which may help to prevent common sports injuries for shoulders, ankles, elbows, knees and other extremities.

Our versatile sports tape is easy to wrap around the body part or hand-tear in strips for use as stirrups, providing extra protection so you or your players FEEL READY for any challenge. 

Tiger Tape zinc oxide tape is the go-to strapping for various sports players, from grassroots to elite level, providing an easy to use and economical support that FEELS RIGHT, not bulky and comfortable for any activity.


The sports tape can also be used to help protect wounds, prevent blisters and protect hands and fingers in racket sports, cricket and any other activity where a good grip is essential. 

Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

  • Comfortable and superior zinc oxide sports tape
  • Rigid, non-stretch athletic strapping for secure taping procedures
  • Serrated edge and easy tear, both width and length-ways
  • Kind to skin, latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Very strong cotton and rayon viscose fabric, for effective support
  • Extremely long 13.7m rolls

Available in single rolls or multiples.


To get 10% OFF please enter the following quantity to your basket:

  • 1.25cm: 32 rolls
  • 2.5cm: 48 rolls
  • 3.8cm: 32 rolls
  • 5cm: 24 rolls


Customer Reviews for Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Tiger Tape Z/O 5.0cm x 13.7m

not as rigid as the tape I usually use but does the job.

Rebecca Cluett
23 July 2020


Tiger Tape Z/O 5.0cm x 13.7m

Service from Physque, usual efficient standard, product of very high quality, would not use another

Alun Selby
07 July 2020


Tiger Tape Z/O 3.8cm x 13.7m

My son wraps this product around his foot to cover his heel area to stop blisters, it stays in place and works!

Natalie Martin
15 June 2020


Tiger Tape Z/O 5.0cm x 13.7m

Product excellent however the way it was packed i found unsatisfactory. The rolls werent in a protective covering and were therefore very dirty when received.

Johanne Oliver
10 June 2020


Reply from Physique:
Thanks you for your feedback,. We are sorry to hear the items arrived without suitable packaging. We try our best to make sure items are sent so they are received in a satisfactory condition without using too much packaging. We apologise this failed for your order, we'll pass the feedback to warehouse to avoid this happening again.

Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Good quality tape! Works very well for strapping !

23 September 2019


Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Easy to tear and sticks on application

Mark Beer
03 February 2019


Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Good value for money

Mr Hugh Wilkinson
04 November 2017


Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Good adhesive qualities but doesn't tear particularly well - the tape frays and isn't a clean tear. The tiger tan tape is better and tears cleanly without fraying but is more expensive.

Would use again but the tearing qualities are annoying and slow you down when you have a tight prep schedule to stick to.

18 April 2015

Reply from Physique:
Thanks for the review. It's a bit tricky to get a clean tear, however if you grip the tape firmly with finger and thumbs in both hands very close together and give the tape a quick sharp tear it should split nice and clean. Definitely worth a bit of practice to nail the technique.

Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Terrific product.

Miss Emily Swales
24 December 2013


Tiger Tape Zinc Oxide Strapping

Just received this as a tester against Mueller M Tape which we have always used, it's really good, bit stickier than mueller and longer rolls, glad I tried and good to get a British product!

Jon Rees
14 April 2013

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