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Injury Management

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We all want to give 100% when we participate, but our bodies can sometimes suffer if we push them too far. So, if you’re feeling the effects on your lower back, shoulder, knees or elsewhere, Physique provide effective and easy to use products to help you get back quicker and stronger.


Injury Management

Simple Injury Management Techniques

Most sports injuries are minor soft tissue injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments or joints such as sprains and strains. These can often be initially treated at home with the help of rest, ice, compression and protection.

  • Cold Therapy - great for pain relief and ideal for reducing swelling and inflammation following injury.
  • Compression - ideal for relieving pain and directing swelling away from the affected area.
  • Protection - great for protecting the affected area and keeping it safe from further injury.
  • Taping & Strapping - designed to help in the healing process of traumatised tissue and muscles. 
Injury Management


The road to recovery is often a painful and slow process but we’ve put together a collection of rehabilitation products to help speed things up. Gentle stretching and exercise can help improve the area’s range of movement but be careful as overdoing it can delay recovery and cause further damage.


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Injury Management

Injury Prevention

While injury management is key, the best method of avoiding any unnecessary pain and injury is prevention. These are some of our tips to prevent injuries occurring:

  • Warming up and cooling down effectively - try using our range of hot and cold therapy for a helping hand!
  • Use tape and strapping to protect sensitive joints and muscles
  • Remain properly hydrated - a Physique water bottle never fails to come in handy!
  • Finally, don’t overexert yourself!


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