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Actimove® Gauntlet Thumb & Wrist Brace

Actimove® Gauntlet Thumb & Wrist Brace

Left X-Large >21.5cm
£10.79 inc. VAT
In Stock
  • Actimove Gauntlet is a functional thumb and wrist support for the treatment of light to moderate injuries or chronic instability problems at the thumb.
  • Provides excellent support and position for wrist and thumb.
  • Can be adjusted to suit patient’s clinical needs or for improved fit.

Measure around wrist

  • Small  < 16cm
  • Medium 16 – 19cm
  • Large 19 – 21.5cm
  • X Large > 21.5cm


Customer Reviews for Actimove® Gauntlet Thumb & Wrist Brace

Actimove® Gauntlet Thumb & Wrist Brace

I now have this support on both hands/wrists. It's changed my life and makes typing possible, but I wear this for many hours each day for compression and support to both my thumbs, hands, palms and wrists. It took me a while to put it on correctly but sometimes I am slow this way. I found it easiest to sit on my couch with the inclosed pamphlet by my side and use my thigh to put the support on each hand. Now it's pretty much automatic. I have been seen by a hand therapist at UCL. She gave me two NHS provided supports but in no time the straps began to come off. In the meantime I've searched for and tried 3 different supports; buying them and over time realising they did not offer me enough support or pain relief. One day I came across this site via Bing and looked closely at the photograph and thought it looked well made - it is. I tried the R-hand one first as that hand is more painful (yes, I'm right handed). I saw that I could bend the metal stays to customise the fit. I decided to not use the metal piece along the side of the thumb but kept it as I might need it in the future. I've washed it, cut one or two small loose strands; I also suggest trimming the part that the velcro "sticks" to and the glove looks as good as new and fits perfectly after the wash. Also, I received each glove within 2/3 days of ordering. Excellent service; excellent product. Thank you everyone (Amy) at Physique!

Ms Cynthia Weaver
13 August 2015


Actimove® Gauntlet Thumb & Wrist Brace

Today I've ordered my second Actimove thumb and wrist support. My hand therapist gave me two very flexible/rubbery supports for both wrists but I found they did not give enough support. They are also of poor quality with the velcro coming off from the glove on both. These supports are great. You can carefully remove both thin metal pieces from the glove and press them to your hand and wrist and customise them for yourself. I actually only use the one metal bar under the wrist and to the palm. I find this gives a lot of pain relief and support when typing messages. I have washed the first one, as directed, and it came out looking new. Once in a while I trim the fuzzy sections that the velcro grabs onto and again, it looks as good as new. SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS SUPPORT. Thank you Physique. Oh! Delivery came right on time.

06 August 2015

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