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Tiger Tan Tape Z/O

Tiger Tan Tape Z/O

Tiger Tan Tape Z/O

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  • Tiger Tan Tape Z/O
  • Tiger Tan Tape 2.5cm X 13.7m
  • Tiger Tan Tape 3.8cm X 13.7m
  • Tiger Tan Tape 5.0cm X 13.7m
  • Newcastle Falcons : Taping and Strapping Techniques for Rugby
2.5cm X 13.7m
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£3.77 when you buy 40 or more
3.8cm X 13.7m
£5.99 inc. VAT
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£5.39 when you buy 30 or more
5.0cm X 13.7m
£8.39 inc. VAT
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£7.55 when you buy 20 or more

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Tiger Tan Tape Zinc Oxide is one of our toughest tapes, extremely durable even in the harshest conditions. Once applied, you can FEEL RIGHT knowing that Tiger Tan Z/O offers strong protection – a secure, solid hold that may help to prevent the body from moving in ways it shouldn't. Allowing you to play and train without your body letting you down. No niggles, no doubts, no fear of injury in mind.

Tiger Tan

Why Tiger Tan Z/O? 

Tiger Tan Z/O is the strongest of our Tiger Tapes range, designed specifically to cope with the demands of all professional sports. It is primarily used by athletes to prevent injuries and speed up healing time. 

Made from a non-woven 100% Rayon fabric, it’s far stronger than standard cotton zinc oxide tapes. This, combined with its highly adhesive qualities, make it ideal for offering support and even immobilising joints or muscles. Moreover, as Rayon fabric is water, sweat and dirt repellant, it means Tiger Tan Tape Z/O can be worn for longer periods of time.

The serrated edges also make it easy to tear both width and lengthways, without the need for scissors. Making it a perfect addition to any kit bag.

Tiger Tan

What is it used for?

Tiger Tan Tape Z/O is typically used to help prevent common sports injuries for shoulders, ankles, elbows, knees and other extremities.

It can also be used to support muscles by stabilising injured ligaments surrounding the muscle.

Rigid Zinc Oxide taping is also used to limit movement or even fully immobilise joints following injury.

 Tiger Tan Tape Z/O

  • Water repellent, 100% Rayon fabric
  • Adhesive remains on fabric when removed
  • Serrated at the edges for easy tear width and lengthways
  • Excellent for long term application or for more robust injury prevention
  • Extremely long 13.7m rolls

Available in single rolls or multiples.


To get 10% OFF please enter the following quantity to your basket:

  •          2.5cm: 40 rolls
  •          3.8cm: 30 rolls
  •          5cm: 20 rolls

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Newcastle Falcons : Taping and Strapping Techniques for Rugby

Newcastle Falcons: Taping and Strapping Techniques for Rugby

Behind the scenes taping and strapping techniques with Newcastle Falcons First Team Physio, Steve Miller, as he prepares the players for Rugby.

Using Tiger Tapes is great for strapping the knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, wrists, hands and fingers, providing a strong and secure hold.

Customer Reviews for Tiger Tan Tape Z/O

Great product! Does what it promises. The best tape for rugby by far!

07 May 2019

Great product! Does what it promises. The best tape for rugby by far!

07 May 2019

I was trying to find a supplier of Leukotape and Physique were the cheapest place I could find. I read the review at the bottom of the page where Physique recommended Tiger Tape as an alternative. At half the price I took a gamble.

Tiger tape is superb. I use it on my feet to stop blistering when running. I did 12 miles at the weekend through wet forest and fields, and the tape stayed put. Provides just as much protection as the Leukotape and id buy Tiger Tape again instead as it saved me £5 and worked just as well.

MR Charles Turner
21 August 2016

Bought this for my daughter who had an ankle injury from playing netball and is now required to tape her ankle whenever she plays. In the past, she has used Mueller Leukotape P but this was recommended to me. I'm afraid it got the thumbs down from my daughter for not being sticky or stiff enough support; it came off during her three hour training session and she had to re-tape so we will be going back to the Leukotape P again!

Mrs Emma Stubbs
05 July 2015

Reply from Physique:
Thanks for the review. Sometimes where the tape is stored can affect the adhesive. if you keep the tape at room temperature it should work fine, exposure to hot or cold conditions can affect the stickiness of the tape.

Very pleased to have found a good alternative to leukotape p.

We use a lot at our clinics so this will certainly save us valuable money from our budget.

Highly recommended.



Jenny M
19 March 2013

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