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Orthotics & Insoles

The key to foot pain relief and comfort is the right footwear. Although having the right shoes is important, sometimes we need a bit more help to make our feet comfortable and avoid doing any damage to our feet.

There are a few different conditions that cause foot pain, metatarsal pain and plantar fasciitis are some of the common causes of sore feet. The shape of your feet can also affect how weight is distributed, for example, flat feet and high arches affect your pronation and supination.

You can also develop foot pain from high-impact activities like running or jumping so sports can cause you to develop certain conditions over time without you realising. This is a common cause of heel pain

Although we've covered a lot of causes and risk factors for foot pain, this is not a full list as there could be other reasons why your feet hurt. Weight is an extremely important factor, we've already mentioned how certain activities can cause foot pain but inactivity can have the same effect.

This is usually made a lot worse if you are overweight or obese because your feet are unable to properly handle the weight you put on them and simply not used to the amount of effort and workload required to move your bodyweight.

In some cases, people are not even aware that it's their footwear that's actually causing their issues or making them worse; it might also be a few things working together to make your feet feel painful. 

What is the difference between orthotics and insoles?

Although they are similar, Insoles and orthotics are not quite the same thing. They both support the feet and help with comfort but insoles offer support to a person's foot by providing cushioning, while orthotics are designed to correct foot problems such as poor alignment or pronation.

Orthotics are also usually custom-made to suit the person wearing them because they are tailored for specific conditions whereas insoles can be designed for specific conditions but aren't as unique as orthotics. 

You can however have custom orthotics that are similar to insoles without having to go to a podiatrist, these are called heat-mouldable custom orthotics 

What are the benefits of orthotics and insoles? 

There are many benefits of using insoles or orthotics. They provide stability for your feet which can help with running or sports performance. They also provide stability for your ankle which can reduce injury risk during activities like running or sports performance. Orthotics and insoles also help to correct your foot mechanics which is important for comfort and pain relief.

How do I choose the right insoles or orthotics?

There are many different types of insoles and orthotics, but it is important to find the right one for you. You need to consider your foot type and what activities you do so you can understand how the orthotic and insole will help you.

Some are designed for specific purposes, such as running or sports while some are designed for specific conditions or general use. This means that the best type of insole or orthotic is one that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle

N.B. Please don't attempt to self-diagnose yourself, you should always seek qualified medical guidance if you believe you have developed a medical condition/injury.

Our Insoles and Orthotics

Vasyli Orthotic Insoles 

Features of Vasyli Custom Orthotics 

The secret behind Vasyli Custom Orthotics is Triplanar Motion Control. This refers to controlling foot function in all 3 cardinal planes:

  • Frontal 
  • Transverse 
  • Sagittal 


  • 1st ray plantar flexor assists function of the 1st ray
  • The metatarsal pad assists the function of the metatarsals
  • The deep heel cup stabilizes the heel position to maximize control
  • Sorbon™ shock dot absorbs some force 
  • Heat moulding for a custom fit
  • Rearfoot Angular Restraining Mechanism™
  • Sustentacula Tali Control™
  • The lateral grid prevents lateral shifting of the heel cup
  • Odour and microbial prevention technology
heat-mouldable custom orthotics

Vasyli Custom Orthotics 

These are the medium-density custom orthotics and they are the most popular orthotics available. They are extremely comfortable 

They are designed for typical general orthotic needs to correct pronation and the conditions that require corrected pronation. 

They are quite universal as they are unisex and fit in a variety of shoes, they are heat mouldable to fit your feet. They also come as a full-length orthotics option 

heat-mouldable custom orthotics

Vasyli Custom Orthotics

These custom orthotics are high density and are designed for high performance so they are durable and offer solid control.

Like the medium-density ones, they are heat mouldable

The higher density makes them great for athletes, sports enthusiasts and people who are overweight or anyone looking for extra comfort

Like the medium density, you can get them as full-length orthotics as well


Vasyli Easyfit Custom Orthotics

These are similar to the other custom orthotics from Vasyli except they have a lateral cutaway so that they can easily fit in a wide range of shoes.

They also have an in-built metatarsal pad and so many other features for maximum comfort like shock absorption and a lateral grid on the bottom

posture and back pain insoles

Vasyli Dananberg Orthotics

These are everyday orthotics designed for improving your overall posture and reducing stress on the lower back muscles 

They are customisable and the first ray plugs under the big toe are removable to improve foot function

They are the most popular orthotics that we sell that aren't custom orthotics 

stress and plantar fasciitis insoles

Vasyli McPoil Stress Relief

These are meant to help correct over or excess pronation with a higher density orthotic shell.

They provide tissue stress relief and this helps with conditions such as anterior knee pain, plantar fasciitis, lower leg and foot arch pain. 

They have various features that help to take some stress off your feet and relieve foot pain

Please take a look at our plantar fasciitis buyers guide to see McPoil's studies and academic articles

orthotic insoles for sports

Vasyli Prior Sports Orthotics

The Vasyli Prior orthotics are perfect for sports, they have an ultra-slim design so they can fit low-profile shoes like football boots and other tight-fit shoes. 

The heel raise helps with tight posterior muscles, it has other features like a smart medial wedge and a medial arch contour

The high-density EVA shell is also heat mouldable like other Vasyli orthotics

high arch plantar fasciitis insoles

Vasyli Hoke Orthotics

The Vasyli Hoke orthotics are for supination control so they are designed to support high arch feet that roll outward

High arches also cause plantar fasciitis so these insoles are perfect if this is the cause of your plantar fasciitis.

The shape of the orthotics also makes them helpful for tight arches or limited ankle range of motion. 

Correcting supination is important for pain relief and comfort 

Footactive Insoles and Orthotics

Footactive is another good range of orthotics and insoles, they have a few options of insoles designed for specific purposes and conditions but they also have options for more general use.


insoles for sports

Footactive Sports Insoles

These insoles are designed specifically for sports with maximum support and cushioning for running, playing sports and general activity.

The biomechanical support and lower limb realignment help you to stay active for longer

They fit easily into most sports shoes and be cut to fit a football boot.

They offer benefits such as correcting overpronation and realignment which reduce foot pain, heel pain, knee pain and even lower back pain. 

plantar fasciits insoles

Footactive Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

 These insoles are for plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia (metatarsal pain) and Achilles tendonitis. 

Plantar fasciitis can be quite a painful condition so proper support and corrective orthotic insoles are important for the day-to-day management of the condition. 

The deep heel cups, shock-absorbing pads and high arch support mean maximum comfort for your feet. 

They fit a wide range of shoes and can even be cut to fit the shoes better. 

nhs approved medical insoles

Footactive Orthotics - Approved by NHS

Footactive medical orthotics are approved by the NHS, they are designed to correct over-pronation, flat feet and fallen arches

They can help to relieve heel pain and heel spurs (plantar fasciitis), fallen arches, aching feet, lower back and knee pain.

They do this by providing strong arch support and metatarsal support, the deep heel cups help to provide additional biomechanical support. 

These also come as 3/4 length medical orthotics 

comfort insoles

Footactive Comfort - NHS Approved

These full-length orthotic insoles are NHS approved for plantar fasciitis, heel pain and achilles tendonitis. 

They are intended to fit most types of shoes including work boots and walking boots 

These insoles feature a strong arch support, deep heel cups and metatarsal support which work together to provide you with maximum comfort and the best support 

Footactive Casual Insoles

These are 3/4 length insoles that can be used to treat heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and fallen arches 

They feature a medium arch support which is extremely durable and a metatarsal pad for added comfort.

The podflex heel pad and deep stabilising heel cups help provide more comfort and reduce the impact on your feet when walking or running 

Since they are casual insoles they are perfect for more general use but fit slip-on shoes better.

wallking insoles

Footactive Nature Insoles 

These insoles are great for people who do a lot of walking or who spend a lot of time on their feet. 

Like other Footactive insoles, they have a strong arch support, deep heel cups and metatarsal support

This means they can be used for treating conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs, ball of foot pain and Achilles tendonitis 

As the name suggests, they are perfect for your outdoor walks and easily fit in trainers or walking boots. 

football insoles

Footactive Football Insoles 

These insoles are meant to realign the feet and correct over-pronation. They are quite thin and intended to fit most types of football, rugby, hockey and cycling shoes 

They provide a lot of comfort while playing sports by cushioning the feet and reducing the impact of running. 

The arch support helps to correct over-pronation and like other Footactive orthotic insoles; they have a metatarsal pad. 

Footactive workmate insoles 

These insoles are great for people who have to spend the whole day on their feet.

Because of the lack of comfort in a lot of work boots or shoes for specific jobs, these insoles aim to make your shoes more comfortable and feet less painful

The cushioning and support of these orthotic insoles help re-align the foot and ankle which also helps with stability 

Vasyli Add-ons 

Here's a full list of all the add-ons you can get to make your Vasyli orthotic insoles more customisable which gives you more control over comfort and helps you to treat specific conditions better. 

  • Metatarsal Pad 5pr
  • Forefoot Valgus 4°
  • Forefoot Valgus 6°
  • Forefoot Varus 2°
  • Forefoot Varus 4°
  • Heel Lift 4mm Small
  • Heel Lift 6mm Large
  • Heel Lift Large 4mm
  • Heel Lift Medium 4mm
  • Rearfoot Varus 2° 5pr
  • Rearfoot Varus 4° 5pr

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