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Resistance Bands


Resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance. Traditionally dumbbells or barbells were used for resistance, however, these can be big and bulky, especially when transporting. Our range of resistance bands features pioneering and innovative products that allow you to do resistance training wherever you are. Lightweight, compact, easy to use and suitable for all levels of strength. Plus, many of our Resistance Bands are part of our 4 for 3 Mix & Match promotion so you can create your very own bespoke training kit at a great price. In order to help you choose the right resistant bands that suit your needs and will help you achieve your aims effectively, we have made this buyer's guide so you can be more informed on the different types of resistance bands available. If you are looking for a thorough guide on how effective resistance bands are compared to traditional resistance training or if you are looking for tips on how to use resistance bands with videos and information from leading physiotherapists, sports therapists then please take a look at our Resistance Bands Exercise Guide

Physique Minibands

1. Mini bands

The first type of resistance bands we will look at are Mini bands. Mini bands are underrated high-quality elastic resistance bands that are perfect for training and rehab exercises that can be used for :

  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • plyometric and abs.

They’re very light and compact resistance bands, making them ideal for use anywhere – on the field, at home, in the clinic or at the gym. Mini bands can be easily incorporated into a range of exercises to help you make the most of lateral movements, stabilisation, and posture work, or to instantly increase the effectiveness of your workout. They can be used to help you warm up (e.g. glute walks), cool down (e.g. plank jacks) or as part of a high-intensity workout (e.g. bear crawl, crunches and glute bridge). This makes mini bands a great all-round resistance band that is very versatile and handy. 

Mini band options available: Physique Miniband and Perform Better Mini Band.

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Physique Fitness Band

2. Fitness Bands

Another great type of Resistance bands is the Fitness bands. They are simple and universal resistance bands designed to help correct body positioning when stretching. They are extra-strong bands that are very effective for each main muscle group and can be used for a variety of strength, speed, flexibility, mobility and rehabilitation exercises for the lower body, back, chest, shoulders, arms, and core. These resistance bands come in a variety of sizes and provide progressive resistance for all strength levels. They’re great for ramping up your workout routine and can be easily incorporated into a range of exercises such as squats, crunches, chest press and standing bicep curl. This makes these resistance bands great for warming up, rehabilitation and recovery or as a trusty aid for workouts. 

Fitness Band options available: Physique Fitness BandJumpstretch Bands, StretchBands, and Elastiband.

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Physique Fitness Cord

3. Fitness Cords

The last type of resistance bands we will look at is the Fitness cords which are great for general stretching, strength, rehab and training exercises for your arms, abs, legs, and back. They are a popular choice of resistance bands for physiotherapists and personal trainers as they can be easily integrated into your current workout routines, such as cross-fit, yoga, and Pilates. They’re available in a variety of sizes, lengths, and strengths and come supplied with a handle on each end. The Physique Fitness Cord comes in an extra economical 20m length which can be cut to the required size. Ideal for circuit classes where participants are of a differing height and may require a longer or shorter length. These resistance bands can therefore be used for a wide range of uses so it's always good to have some around because you never know when you might need Fitness cords. 

Fitness Cords options Available: Physique Fitness Cord and The JC Pro-Line Sport Band.

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