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  • Power bands
  • Power Band - Purple in use
  • Power Band - Orange
  • Power Band - Orange in use
  • Power Band - Green
  • Power Band - Green in use
  • Power Band - Blue
  • Power Band - Blue in use
  • Power Band - Red
  • Power Band - Red in use
  • Power Band - Black
  • Power Band - Black in use

Power bands

Black 30-80kg
£31.19 inc. VAT
In Stock
Blue 13-35kg
£14.39 inc. VAT
In Stock
Green 11-30kg
£13.19 inc. VAT
In Stock
Orange 9-25kg
£10.79 inc. VAT
In Stock
Purple 7-15kg
£9.59 inc. VAT
In Stock
Red 23-57kg
£19.19 inc. VAT
In Stock

Power bands

The Power bands are highly resistant loop bands designed for upper and lower body reinforcement and are ideal for adding resistance to bench press or deadlift. Powerbands can be used with pull-ups bar, parallel bars, weighted bars or kettlebells.

These bands are also designed for intense upper and lower body strengthening and are very effective for on-the-go training and for full-body workouts.

For a better lasting of your product, store it protected from light and apply talc from time to time.

Power Bands


Power bands can be used for a variety of strength, speed, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises.

They're great for ramping up the intensity and can be easily incorporated into current workouts and exercises. For example, they're great for assisted chin-ups and dips and for developing lateral speed and forward acceleration via various walk, shuffle, lunge and run-in-place exercises. 

Moreover, they're an amazing addition for weightlifting as they can be used to overload the bar and add resistance to exercises like the bench press, squat and deadlift.

Power Bands

Compact Design

Lightweight and practical bands that can be stored anywhere. Plus, their compact design makes them ideal for using anywhere too:

  • At home.
  • In the gym.
  • On holiday.
  • In a clinic setting.
  • On the field.
Power Bands

Your Perfect Match

Available in a variety of strengths to allow for progressive resistance at all levels.

  • Purple 7-15kg
  • Orange 9-25kg 
  • Green 11-30kg
  • Blue 13-35kg 
  • Red 23-57kg
  • Black 30-80kg

Customer Reviews for Power bands

Power band Green 11-30kg

Hello. The product is good for what i wanted, But do you have a wider version of the same product? Peter J

Peter. J. Shaw
24 March 2021


Reply from Physique:
Thank you for your review. The higher the resistance the wider the band, so the blue, red and black Power Bands will be wider.

Best regards,

Physique Team

Power band Blue 13-35kg

Perfect to work out at home, better than weight and offers wide range of exercises to train the full body

18 September 2020


Power band Purple 7-15kg

Great piece of workout equipment

Simon Jones
12 July 2020


Power band Purple 7-15kg

Fine thanks

Pauline Glover
19 June 2020


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