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Winter Training Guide

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A new year, a fresh start. We all know that exercise is a great way to make ourselves feel and look healthier and just because it's wintery outside, it doesn't mean you can't get moving!

Here are some of our handy tips and tricks to smash those fitness resolutions this January...

Getting Fit From Home

Getting Fit From Home

Keep the weight off and stay in shape this year...

From Speed, Agility & Strength Training, to Balance & Stability, Weight Training and Resistance Training, we have everything you need to start 2022 feeling fit and strong, all from the comfort of your own home.

We've also got some great packs to get you started! Like the Home Workout Pack 

Our range isn't just for beginners either, we have plenty of products to add some much-needed variety to your living room fitness routine.

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Yoga & Pilates

Yoga & Pilates

Trying your hand at Yoga or Pilates this year? The good news is, you actually need very little to get started!

Props such as Yoga BlocksYoga Bricks, Yoga Belt and Pilates Rings are great for helping you maintain healthy, positive alignment while bending, twisting and opening up the body.

You'll also want to check out our range of Yoga Mats to avoid any carpet burns and sore hands, knees and elbows.

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Winter Running

Winter Running

Get 2022 off to a running start! It's free and it burns more calories than most other mainstream exercises!

Running requires little equipment, but a good pair of running shoes is key! Our range of Orthotics and Insoles are great for adding comfort and protection and may help to reduce the risk of pains and strains.

We have everything from Insoles to Heel Cups and Blister Care Plasters.

It's also important to stay hydrated, both before, during and after so keep a Physique Eco Water Bottle with you.

Physique Pro Foam Roller

Running Recovery

After finishing your miles, be sure to spend some time focusing on recovery to help avoid the risks of injuries and overstrain.

If you're suffering from sore or tight muscles, try our range of Self Massage Tools or Pro Foam Rollers, great for stretching out the muscle.

The Physique Reusable Hot & Cold Pack is also a great option, along with our range of Hot & Cold Therapies.

Shin splints slowing you down? Here's a video we made with Jade Blake, owner of JDB Physio, on how you can use our Foam Rollers to ease this common running injury. For more running videos, click here.

Training Outside

Staying Warm While Training Outside

Training when it's cold outside can be off-putting but if you're fully prepared, it's easy to smash those fitness goals.

Start by using a pre-event balm such as the Physique Sports Balm to warm up and loosen muscles prior to activity.

And while you're out, consider popping some Mycoal Hand Warmers in your gloves, pockets (or shoes!) to keep you toasty.

Protect Your Injury

Protecting Yourself & Your Injury

If aches and pains strike, whether it's through over-training or some other reason, a great place to start is with Compression Supports and Braces.

The new Actimove Sports Edition Range is a great option! They are premium supports specifically designed for use during sports and exercise.

Comfortable, easy to wear and breathable, the range of supports allow you to get back to the sports you enjoy!

Tiger K Tape

Managing Injuries With Tiger K Tape

To help you recover from muscular and ligament injury, as well as ease tension, pain and discomfort. try our best-selling Tiger K Tape!

Tiger K Tape can be used for a variety of needs, such as:

  • Managing injuries
  • Easing pulled muscles
  • Supporting muscles and joints
  • Easing fasciitis
  • Reducing bruising and swelling

Video Guides

Video Guides

Have you seen our video guides from the experts?

Working alongside a number of Club Partners, Athletes and Physios we’ve put together a series of videos guides, demonstrating how healthcare professionals manage injuries and help players improve game performance.

With areas including Taping & Strapping, Stretch Band Exercises, Foam Roller Exercises, Cupping Therapy and much more, the video guides feature techniques from elite team physios and leading therapists.

The videos are suggestions only, if you have an injury please seek professional advice.

Video Guides

If we've inspired you to get fit this winter, be sure to tag us in your progress & exercise pics on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at @physiquemgmt!

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