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Bluetens Duo Sport

Bluetens Duo Sport New
  • Bluetens Duo Sport
  • Bluetens Duo Sport
  • Bluetens Duo Sport
  • Bluetens Duo Sport
  • Bluetens Duo Sport
  • Bluetens Duo Sport
  • Bluetens Duo Sport
  • Bluetens Duo Sport
  • Bluetens Duo Sport

Bluetens Duo Sport

Bluetens Duo Sport
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Bluetens Duo Sport 


NUroKor Mibody Therapy System

What is the Bluetens Duo Sport?

The Duo Sport is two wireless devices each connected to 3 electrodes that are paired with an app with various programs to give you the best electrotherapy experience.

Combine physical exercises and electrostimulation for double efficiency in muscle building and increase your sports performance!

For any sportsperson, recovery is a key phase of any training. Bluetens allows you to do a series of runs/games/training sessions without ever feeling muscle fatigue. Recovery is faster and better with the Duo Sport - your muscles are always at peak strength, and you reach your goals faster.

  • ULTRA-WEARABLE | Convenient, discreet, ultra-light and portable
  • SPLIT MODE | Thanks to the Application's Split mode, you can choose to drive the devices independently of each other. So, you can treat pain or perform a massage with a single device as well as launching two different programs simultaneously!
  • FULL CONTROL The smartphone app allows you to manage muscle relief without interrupting your session and the two devices can be used on whichever muscles need immediate attention 
MiBody ultrawearable Therapy device

Key Features:

  • Split Mode gives you full control of muscle management and treatment
  • Provides effective, body-natural relief
  • Compact and portable - ideal for on the go and comes with protective and carrying case
  • Integrated Application with care-oriented programs 
NuroKor MiBody Therapy System

What does Bluetens Duo Sport do?

The device works exactly the same way as the other similar devices in the Bluetens range. Bluetens Duo Sport targets pain at its source by using electrostimulation to provide fast-acting relief by penetrating deep into the joint and tissues helping to ease aching, injured and sore muscles. 

You can manage the electrostimulation directly via Bluetooth with the Bluetens app which is compatible with IOS and Android smartphones.

NuroKor MiBody Therapy System

What is it used for?

The Bluetens Duo Sport is used for physical preparation, muscle recovery, anti-pain programs for injuries and muscle pain, the device covers all your needs as an amateur or professional athlete. It can help to build muscle more effectively as well. The wide range of programs available allows you to tailor each session according to your needs and how you're feeling. 


PAIN | Treat & manage pain

Pain modes target pain right where it's needed and offer gentle stimulation that provides pain relief and helps the body produce the proteins essentials for healthy body functioning

Can be used on the following body parts:

  • Upper back, Chest, Back, Lower back, Belly, Buttocks, Thighs, Knees, Calves, Ankles, Feet, Arms, Elbows, Forearms, Wrists, Shoulders

MASSAGE AND ANTI-PAIN | Recovery from injury & exertion
The massage and antipain programs offer a massage sensation designed to relax muscles, improve circulation, speed up recovery and rehabilitation processes and improve muscle strength and condition.

Use for: 

  • Recovery and rehabilitation
  • Massage and relaxation
  • After exercise to reduce effects of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Improving circulatory conditions

BUILDING MUSCLE  | Effective muscle building Programs 

Bluetens Duo Sport can be used to build muscle twice as effectively using 2 devices: place each device on the area where you want to build muscle and choose the required program


What's in the box:

  • 2 Duo Sport devices
  • 2x2 cables (S and M)
  • 1 bag of 2x3 high standard electrodes
  • 1 protecive case
  • 1 carrying case

How the app helps you

The smartphone app coupled with the identical Duo Sport devices allows you to have control over your sessions, it has :

  • 15 options for targeted use
  • Over 100 preset programs created by health professionals to meet the needs of all athletes and all types of training/ workout sessions. 

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