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Physique Ear Candles x 20 Pairs

Physique Ear Candles x 20 Pairs

Physique Ear Candles x 20 Pairs

  • Physique Ear Candles x 20 Pairs
  • Physique Ear Candles
Physique Ear Candles Pack of 20 Pairs
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Ear candles have been used in ancient Indian medicine for many years and have become very popular with modern therapists as a treatment method that has amazing physical and spiritual benefits.

How do they work? They create a light suction action (chimney effect) which soothes earaches and headaches, relaxes naturally and releases new energies. An excellent alternative to ear syringing. Our Physique Ear Candles are made from unbleached natural cotton and beeswax and are fitted with a filtered end which is curved in shape to make a comfortable and safe addition for ear insertion.

Supplied in a container of 20 pairs of fragranced candles (4 pairs of each: Corn Mint, Rosemary, Lavender, Sandalwood and Rose).

Reviewed by FHT members during April 2012 and received 8/10!
"The filter was effective, with no evidence of candle residue present in the ear after treatment. Clients reported the fit was very comfortable", Caroline Buckland, MFHT
"Easy and pleasant to use. My client preferred them to others we have used", Tina Dennett, MFHT

Customer Reviews for Physique Ear Candles x 20 Pairs

Really good quality candles, would definitely purchase again.

08 November 2017

I had been purchasing biosun ear candles from Australia for years and really liked them but the FHT recommended Physique's candles to us, so I tried 3 boxes of 20. Generally, I have been delighted with them, they are fine and similar in thickness to Biosun candles (though made in a different way), so there is no confusion as to how much 'wax' clients release into and through the candle. My only disappointment has been that on 3 occasions the plastic insert within the base (that is the part inserted into the ear) has come away when the candle has been pulled out - leaving a rather embarrassing situation of trying to ease the plastic plug out of their ear. Apart from that, opening the candles (to show interested clients 'what they had produced') needs a pair of scissors as they don't unfold like the Biosun candles. They are great value and it is good to know we can buy these in UK too.

Mrs Sandy Combe
22 March 2017

I have been using these candles since I qualified and have had no problems at all, they fit comfortably into the ear and always burn well. Very impressed excellent product.

Miss Fiona Mackie
01 February 2015

I have always used Biosun, but a friend recommend these to me and I haven't looked back since. I like them, they fit easier and have very good results.

Karen Sutton
05 June 2014

Very visually attractive. I am sure they will perform perfectly too.

Mrs Beverley Williams
18 February 2014

Very happy with these ear candles. The burn is good, they smell lovely and the cone shape makes them especially comfortable. The burn-time (8 or 9 minutes per ear) is slightly shorter than the more expensive candles - which makes them ideal for a 30-minute session

Philip Marshall
18 October 2013

These Lifestyle Candles are the best I have ever used the results are amazing. My clients prefer these to any others I have previously used as they find them very comfortable and effective.

Mrs Judy Pendrill
01 October 2013

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